update 18 August 2021

Coinbase Testing Clearview, The New AI Recognition Software

Coinbase recently tested Clearview, AI facial recognition technology, according to the BuzzFeed News report. However, the exchange refuted claims that it used customer data for the test.

Coinbase has over 20 million views every month and more than 30 million total accounts. The firm started scrutinizing Clearview following a New York Times article that shows its database of more than three billion images, scraped from various websites and social media platforms.

Challenges Facing Clearview AI Recognition

Facebook, Google, and Twitter are threatening to take legal action against Clearview. Hoan-Ton, the company’s CEO, said that the software deployment was just with law enforcement agencies and that focus is only on the United States of Canada. Nevertheless, according to an anonymous source, its complete customer list contains thousands of entries to over 26 nations.

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Binance’s spokesperson told BuzzFeed that the exchange’s reason for testing Clearview was to offer exceptional security and compliance features. On the other hand, a Senoia Police department captain said that Clearview is an excellent tool if applied correctly.