update 18 August 2021

Coinbase Wallet is Easing Trade by Supporting Short ETH Names

On February 25, a blog post revealed that the Coinbase wallet began supporting short crypto names that are easily memorable. 

The Coinbase Wallet is quite different from Coinbase‘s main wallet in that in the designation; it allows users to take control of their funds. Moreover, it will enable users to access other decentralized applications (DApps). 

Currently, it’s tough to complete a transaction since one needs a long Alphanumeric string full of characters to send. Often, users need to copy and paste them. However, associating the name of the crypto asset with the address will ease the tussle of recalling or copy-pasting the strings. 

The wallet will therefore allow users to use personal names, like @CrypoAdventure, just inside the app. As such, a user can only create a name like CryptoAdventure.eth to ease transacting. 

The wallet now makes it possible to use the short addresses in sending all the currencies found on that platform. Examples of such coins are BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP, LTC, Dogecoin, and other ERC 20 tokens. 

Additionally, Coinbase has been doing even more to integrate the Coinbase app and the wallet app. For instance, in March last year, Coinbase added a new feature that links accounts and allows users to transfer funds to the wallet. 

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It’s quite clear that from today, it is easy to send crypto assets from their wallet back to Coinbase, store, or even withdraw their currencies.