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Today, roughly 5.4 billion people or 60% of the global population is digitally connected, and this connection is happening mainly via the internet through mobile devices. The digital world around us is now shifting from desktop/laptop transactions to mobile transactions rapidly. Projects that will be able to leverage this change will create huge opportunities in days to come. In our endeavor to find projects exploring this space, we came across a project that envisions to leverage future mobile-based digital storage, transactions, trading, and thus create a decentralized community-driven eco-system: Coinmerce.

How Does Coinmerce Stand Out

Based in Amsterdam and less than 2 years since its launch, Coinmerce has already become a leading trading platform and is gradually spreading its wings across Europe and subsequently across the globe. Coinmerce created a decentralized trading platform where users worldwide can exchange their cryptocurrencies in a borderless transaction in a matter of seconds. This platform’s biggest feature is that it allows conversion from cryptocurrency to Fiat currency directly into the customer’s chosen account and vice-versa, without going through the trouble of using multiple platforms and exchanges. This helps users save a lot of time, transaction fees, and substantially reduces the hassle. The platform currently has six payment methods available on its platform: EPS, GiroPay, Soford, iDeal, Bancontact, SEPA.


Here Are a Few Reasons Why Coinmerce Is Unique

Manage on mobile: Most business analysts feel that the mobile is the next device for most shopping and financial transactions. Coinmerce is well placed to leverage this domain. They have created apps for both iOS and Playstore. The app acts as both wallet and a trading platform, making it very convenient for the users. This makes trading very convenient, as users can log into the app from anywhere and execute their trade.

Store of wealth: With thousands of projects around, it becomes challenging to manage a diversified portfolio requiring different wallets. With Coinmerce, the user doesn’t need to download and manage multiple wallets as all their digital assets can be stored in a single application. This makes it very convenient for the users to build and manage a diversified portfolio and make better decision-making as the complete holding portfolio is available in a single view.

Helps pick the right Assets: Eventually, wealth is what everyone is aspiring for; however, with more than 4000 coins, it is difficult to pick which will survive the test of time and which one will disappear into oblivion. The ongoing bear market has been a litmus test, which main coins have failed to pass. The challenge is to identify coins backed by a working product, have limited supply, have a distribution plan well spread out – control inflation, and, most importantly, have future growth opportunities. The in-house expert team of Coinmerce does extensive due diligence before listing a coin on its platform. Thus, you can be confident that the coins they find on the platform are relatively safe compared to fly by the night projects which have duped many investors in the past.

Ease of use: As with the vision of Coinmerce, ‘To make it possible for everyone to trade in cryptocurrencies,’ the process is super easy to understand and execute. One doesn’t need to be a blockchain expert in using the platform. This important aspect will eventually help in spreading crypto mass adoption. A new user can create an account free in a matter of just a minute or so. The platform has three levels of verification to meet the salutatory AML guidelines. A higher level of KYC allows users greater daily and weekly trading limits.

Coinmerce ease of use

Range of Coins: The coins available on the platform are increasing by the day. There are 117 coins available on the exchange, which is expected to increase further in weeks to come.

Knowledge: In its endeavor to spread mass adoption, the Coinmerce team has a focused approach towards spreading free knowledge and awareness for its community. From the basics of blockchain to coin specific information, all are available in its repository and is constantly shared with the community through mailers and articles. Also, a comprehensive FAQ section on the portal covers various aspects related to the complete industry.

Notifications: In the world of trading, timely information is critical. You can set customized triggers and receive instant updates through push notifications on the app, thus enabling them in timely decision-making. The platform also provides multiple communication modes, including Whatsapp, telegram, Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. for instant query resolution.

Security: This is one of the most important aspects of storing or trading digital currencies. Coinmerce has deployed the latest prevention systems to ensure the assets are protected from any external attacks. Further, users can enable mail verification and 2FA to strengthen the security of their assets.

To top it off, there is also an in-house stable coin – Coinmerce Coin, which is backed by 1:1 Euro, thus providing further stability to the platform.

Closing Thoughts

Bitcoin live price
price change

To summarize, the platform is perfectly positioned to leverage mobile penetration in internet growth. The faster they can reach out to the masses, the faster it will record growth. The future holds huge potential to grow.

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