update 10 September 2021

CoinxPad – Centralized/Decentralized Multi-Chain IDO Launchpad

CoinxPad provides a platform where upcoming projects can conveniently and securely distribute their tokens and raise liquidity.

Early-bird investors will soon have a safe place to access projects via the CoinxPad CEX-DEX Multi-chain IDO Launchpad. The pioneering Launchpad is set to go live this September with multiple innovations. Above all, it will offer investors access to secure, trustworthy, and innovative blockchain projects.

The LaunchPad platform now allows small, medium, and big investors to find high-quality projects. Also, it gives them access to new tokens before listing on other centralized and decentralized exchanges.

The CoinxPad Pre-sale is Coming Soon!

CoinxPad will hold its pre-sale on Unicrypt in the coming weeks. This way, it will give DeFi users a chance to invest in the first CEX-DEX IDO LaunchPad in the market.

The event will offer participants a maximum of 50 billion CXPAD tokens. Most of the liquidity that the event should raise will be securely locked on Unicrypt. This will act as a guarantee that the project team cannot rug-pull pre-sale investors. The project plans to list on PancakeSwap as soon as the pre-sale reaches its hard cap.

Users on CoinxPad receive USDT for supporting new projects on multiple blockchains. Participants in the Pre-sale must hold a minimum of 200,000 CXPAD tokens to obtain USDT rewards. Smart contracts automatically deposit bonuses to eligible wallets every 60 minutes. Lastly, users can check their USDT balance conveniently via the Rewards Dapp page.

The exact date and time of the fundraiser will be announced soon on the platform’s Telegram.

What Does the Innovative Launchpad Offer?

CoinxPad introduces a first-of-its-kind LaunchPad App with multi-chain support. Also, it should empower its community of investors with a flexible platform to raise funds.

Each initial DEX offering (IDO) utilizes a two-round system and maximum cap allocation. This unique approach gives DeFi enthusiasts the earliest access to the hottest upcoming projects, regardless of their pocket size.

Projects that list on the LaunchPad get the best possible start to their journey by tapping into the advice and support of the experienced CoinxPad team. Early phase projects also benefit from the backing of the vibrant CoinxPad community. This allows them to raise sufficient liquidity for the launch.

On the other hand, investors access top ventures with the best chance of succeeding in the competitive DeFi market. Additionally, CoinxPad redistributes 5% of each transaction to CXPAD holders as a reward for believing in the project.

A further 3% of every transaction goes into an auto liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. Finally, 2% drips into marketing to fund the project’s ambitious development plans. Also, it should facilitate promotion campaigns across the blockchain world.

Guaranteeing Trustworthy Project Listings

According to the CoinxPad team, they have gone to great lengths to ensure the quality of its LaunchPad listings. Therefore, only projects that have passed strict KYC and smart contract audits can raise funds on the platform.

Each new applicant undergoes an “EDM” vetting process. There, the team reviews and evaluates the expertise of the project backers, their development strategies, and marketing plans. Only projects that meet these strict evaluations can list on the Launchpad platform.

CoinxPad aims to safeguard investors against scams and code vulnerabilities. The platform has commissioned a team of blockchain security experts to conduct complimentary audits on all projects.

SolidProof has vetted the smart contract to lock up CoinxPad Presale funds on Unicrypt. The leading blockchain security auditor from Germany ensures the project’s authenticity.

CoinxPad has an ambitious roadmap ahead that will introduce new and exciting features to its ecosystem. New partnerships are also underway to help cement its place as the go-to platform for DeFi project launches.

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Connect with the CoinxPad community on Twitter and Telegram and visit their Website for more details on the project.

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