AI GameToEarn – Rewarding Player Skill and Competitiveness with $100k Guaranteed in a New Web3 Space

AI GameToEarn - Player Skill and Competitiveness Rewarded with $100k Guaranteed in a New Web3 Space

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The transition from Web2 to Web3 has opened the door to new possibilities. However, AI GameToEarn has identified several challenges in the current gaming sector. 

Through multiple features, a comprehensive tokenomics model, and a whitelist event, AI GameToEarn seeks to transform everyone’s digital gaming experience.

Today, we’ll look at what this team intends to offer to the Web3 community. Then, we’ll have time to mention the project’s future milestones, NFTs, and more.

Overview of AI GameToEarn

Let’s begin by understanding the basics of AI GameToEarn. This project is a blockchain gaming platform focusing on simple casual games.

This platform connects players, developers, and creators with games, tools, and services. As a result, the community can build, deploy, and manage blockchain-based games and applications.

AI GameToEarn provides high security, transparency, and immutability. Players can also own NFTs/Game items (consumable and non-consumable), manage voting and be a part of governance DAO.

AI GameToEarn also awards players for their talent, competitiveness, and playing time, encouraging creators and developers to interact with players. In addition, the platform rewards users by giving them BPCs (Beta platform coins), PCs (Platform coins), and USDCs (through its “Leaderboard” features).

A New Solution to Well-Known Issues

Transitioning from Web2 to Web3 is not easy and simple. Moreover, developers may need experienced teams in gaming/blockchain/Web3 and with a bad token economy manipulated by pump-and-dump schemes.

AI GameToEarn offers a gaming platform that all types of players can enjoy regardless of their experience, skill, and budget. This project provides gamers different ways to play the game and earn rewards. In addition, players can play for fun, with no paywall or registration needed.

Users can register and connect their wallets to earn BPC by playing games and participating in tournaments. In addition, users may buy or mint Avatar NFTs from the secondary market and stake them on AI GameToEarn.

Owners of NFTs can make a profit by playing and earning. Alternatively, they may lend their NFTs to other players while taking a percentage of the profits.

The Project’s Tokenomics

AI GameToEarn revolves around two native tokens (BPC and PC) and a popular stablecoin, USDC. The project’s tokenomics are closely tied to the platform’s utility and burning mechanisms. BPC is used in the early access phase to incentivize players, while PC powers the platform’s ecosystem.

Token holders are encouraged to stake their tokens in exchange for rewards, voting rights in DAO, and other perks. The project also has a buyback mechanism that supports token value by purchasing coins and removing them from circulation.

The team’s litepaper highlights the project’s token allocation too. Most of the project’s tokens will go to the ecosystem (35%) and team (20%).

Staking rewards, marketing, development, and private sale will each receive 10%. The remaining 5% will go to public sale.

The project’s tokenomics intends to provide a well-rounded system that incentivizes users and supports sustainable growth.

What Does AI GameToEarn Plan to Offer to the Web3 Community?

There are many features that AI GameToEarn offers to the Web3 community. These include:

  • A repository of published and upcoming games
  • A shop where users can preview items they can buy with BPC (Basic Power Coin),
  • An AI feature that helps personalize the gaming experience based on their preferences, playing style, and past behavior
  • A treasury that rewards players for staking and playing with Avatar NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)
  • The ability to connect wallets directly on the platform via wallet connect, such as MetaMask
  • A social passport feature lets users link their social media profiles and earn BPC/PC by inviting and enrolling other members.
  • A leaderboard lists all platform games and lets players compete for a share of $100,000 in prizes each month.
  • A referral feature that rewards players for completing tasks that promote AI GameToEarn
  • Tournaments where users can compete for prizes, either through freeroll or paid entry
  • Quests that offer players tasks to complete and award them for their gaming progress and effort
  • A DEX feature that allows users to swap PC for MATIC/USDC via the platform widget without third parties involved
  • A dashboard that gives users an overview of their information, ownership, and activity, including earning, staking, and lending.

These features improve platform security and accessibility and open up game industry innovation. AI GameToEarn also has a strong presence on social media, allowing users to connect with them across multiple platforms.

The Project’s Roadmap – Main Milestones

Sharing a roadmap of the project’s milestones allows AI GameToEarn to keep the community informed and updated on their progress.

Here is a quick look at the main milestones featured in the roadmap:

  • Idea Development: The first step for AI GameToEarn was to create and develop its concept.
  • LitePaper Published: The team plans to launch a LitePaper outlining the project’s fundamentals after idea development.
  • Developing Prototype: The team has already started working on their prototype and plans to launch it soon.
  • Game Development and Early Access: This milestone includes developing and publishing the game and launching early access for players to test it.
  • Community Building and Marketing: AI GameToEarn will rely on a strong community of players and supporters. Therefore, the team plans to dedicate resources to building it up.
  • NFT Minting: After developing the game, the AI GameToEarn team plans to mint NFTs to reward players for their achievements.
  • Whitepaper Publishing: This milestone includes publishing a whitepaper that outlines the project’s goals and objectives. Crypto whitepapers represent an essential part of the blockchain industry.
  • Full Platform Launch: AI GameToEarn will launch its entire platform with NFT minting, DAO creation, and other capabilities.
  • IDO: Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) are becoming increasingly popular. AI GameToEarn plans to launch an IDO to attract more investors and players.
  • Listing on CEXs: After launching their project, the team will list it on centralized exchanges (CEX), allowing users to trade their tokens.
  • DAO Formation: This milestone includes forming a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to ensure the project’s transparency, governance, and responsibilities.
  • IGO and 3rd Party Games Published: AI GameToEarn plans to launch its initial Game Offering (IGO) and 3rd party games on the platform.

These are the main milestones featured in the AI GameToEarn project’s roadmap. The team is committed to ensuring all these milestones are met and exceeded to reach their final goal: creating a revolutionary gaming platform.

New NFTs Coming to the Market

AI GameToEarn’s Platform NFTs are revolutionary digital assets that provide unprecedented opportunities to owners. These non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and are uniquely identifiable with their distinct value.

This ensures they cannot be traded with any other NFT, providing verifiable ownership and authenticity of digital assets.

Platform NFTs are multi-utility avatars that allow players to own and earn with their digital creations. Genesis Platform NFTs have five tiers with distinct game, aesthetic, and earn rate multiplication factors when staked. To mint these tokens, users can access whitelist or public minting options.

Playing games and leveling up with an NFT earns coins on this platform. Additionally, they can stake the NFT to activate bonuses or customize the Avatar’s appearance with a rarity system in place. Finally, owners can lend their NFTs to other users with a settled profit share.

Each NFT features five power, agility, health, luck, and intelligence attributes with a boost value. These attributes can enhance players’ capabilities in all existing and upcoming games.

Therefore, these NFTs provide a new way to earn with digital assets while also offering an intuitive gameplay experience. With more NFTs coming to the market, players will be able to make the most of their gaming experience.

Final Thoughts – A New Web3 Gaming Ecosystem with an Ongoing Whitelist Event

AI GameToEarn wants to revolutionize the gaming industry by introducing a new web3-based gaming ecosystem with platform NFTs. The team’s ongoing whitelist event is a chance to become part of this project as an early adopter. 

Bitcoin live price
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You can submit your wallet to increase your chances of securing a spot on the whitelist. The whitelist signups opened on April 21st and will end on May 17th. Anyone curious about the project can visit its official website or join its active social community: Telegram | Discord | Twitter | YouTube.

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