ArtHouse Spirits DAO – A Project Combining Tokenized Rum with Real Benefits

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We live in an era of unprecedented technological advancement, with the potential to combine traditional industries with new digital technologies. ArtHouse Spirits DAO is a project combining tokenized rum with real benefits while leveraging the Dictador brand and artistic collaborations.

By appealing to an élite group of high-net-worth individuals, this project aims to create a luxurious community. Here, members can benefit from exclusive events, investments, and more.

Today’s article will explore the project’s potential and its team’s roadmap, giving you the details needed to understand its mission. The project merges several components to create its offering, so we’ll dive in and discover each of the team’s pillars.

What Is ArtHouse Spirits DAO?

ArtHouse Spirits DAO is an exclusive community comprising high-net-worth individuals, investors, and luxury consumers. They put the same ideologies and visions at the project’s core, brought together through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

To join this DAO, one needs to possess a Dictador Non-Fungible Token (NFT). This token is not only a mere picture but also holds its value. The funds raised via the NFT sale go into creating the DAO Treasury, on which we’ll share more details soon.

This project envisions creating a system allowing members to collect rewards from this élite industry in exchange for their investments.

There are at least three aspects that one must understand when looking at ArtHouse Spirits DAO:

  • The market’s growth potential
  • The relevance of the Dictador brand
  • The project’s artistic backgrounds.

Therefore, let us look into each of those in more detail to understand this project better.

The Market’s Growth Potential

The project’s team dedicated an entire Medium article to analyze the current market’s potential.

As they mentioned, the market for collecting and investing in alcoholic drinks, such as rum, has been growing steadily. This is due to its potential to produce high returns and its lack of correlation with other asset classes. As a result, it can offer more stability compared to traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.

However, it is important to consider the long-term horizon when engaging in this activity. The bottle prices can increase due to limited supply and because some of the alcohol produced yearly goes to consumption. Moreover, the taste can improve with time, making it more valuable.

Finally, the team mentioned several case studies to sustain their point. Specifically, they mentioned the 1943 Bacardi, Appleton Estate 50-year-old, and Black Tot Royal Navy Rum from the 1950s. All of these have seen remarkable price growth in the past years.

Dictador rum bottles, for example, had a 17-fold increase in value since 2012, with an ROI of almost 60%. These results highlight a promising future for investing in alcoholic drinks such as rum, as the project’s founders explained.

Leveraging the Dictador Brand

ArtHouse Spirits DAO chose to follow the popularity of the Dictador brand in the luxury rum market. This brand has a strong reputation, and the Parra family has been perfecting the recipe for over 100 years.

The project’s team sold a single Dictador rum bottle for $100k, setting a record in the industry. The value of this brand has exceeded expectations and has become an attractive member option among spirit connoisseurs.

The ArtHouse Spirits DAO team is developing strategies to leverage the Dictador brand. The project aims to connect enthusiasts to unlock the value of luxury spirits while celebrating the culture around them.

An Artistic Collaboration

ArtHouse Spirits DAO’s idea to boost its vision with NFTs came to life thanks to artistic collaborations. The team has partnered with M-City, a world-renowned street art artist whose work has appeared in galleries and exhibitions worldwide.

M-City is a Polish street artist, graphic artist, and designer born in 1978 in Gdynia. He studied at the Faculty of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and completed hundreds of murals.

M-City created 20,000 unique NFTs, which consist of maps of cities and districts all around the world. Membership NFTs represent the access key to this new project, merging traditional art and digital technology.

Appealing to an Elite Group

ArtHouse Spirits DAO is an exclusive club for those passionate about the spirits industry. It offers an opportunity to join an elite group where everyone has a say in shaping the project’s future.

Collectors can access discounted bottles, exclusive VIP events, masterclasses, and conversations with experts, artists, and blend masters. Additionally, NFT holders can redeem their tokens for a physical bottle from the Treasury. They May also receive ERC-20 token rewards from the liquidation events. 

The team designed a 6% royalty for all NFTs sold on the secondary market. The tax receipt will equally divide between the Treasury and the organization of new events. This strategy allows spirits collectors to build wealth in the industry while joining something new in the sector.

Understanding the Importance of the Project’s Treasury

The ArtHouse Spirits Treasury is critical to the DAO, providing the foundation for NFT asset-backed value. This value currently stands at 1.5 million USD and consists of carefully selected luxury assets with a track record of consistently appreciating. The team holds these assets in a duty-free zone in the Netherlands to ensure they remain safe and secure.

The Treasury plays an important role for DAO members. Specifically, the value of these assets provides them with real value and potential.

Through the project’s minting operations, the team will have the funds to put more bottles into this Treasury. As time passes, these experts anticipate that these assets will become even more valuable, providing additional benefits for the holders.

This is why it’s so important that the Treasury remains safe and secure. It is a key factor in guaranteeing investors a return on their investments.

What Does the Team’s Roadmap Anticipate?

The project shared a general roadmap and a detailed list of milestones. From a high-level perspective, the team divided its activities into three phases:

  1. The Black Milestone: During this phase, the team focused on launching the Treasury and Membership NFTs.
  2. The Emerald Milestone: The team will build an exclusive VIP community of like-minded individuals.
  3. The Pink Crystal Milestone: Lastly, the team will focus on providing exclusive events, investments, and more. These activities will represent the project’s go-to-market strategy and help drive adoption.

Overall, the team wants to use these milestones to create a world-class product that meets the expectations of its users. The detailed roadmap will give the community details about upcoming events, such as AMAs and more.

The team will update the roadmap as it progresses so the community can stay updated on development efforts.

Final Thoughts – Building a Closed Community of High-Net-Worth Individuals

Through the product’s Treasury and Membership NFTs, ArtHouse Spirits DAO establishes a closed community of like-minded individuals. This allows members to participate in conversations and events only available to them.

With multiple events and an NFT asset-backed strategy, this team intends to create an all-inclusive platform for a passionate community. The project’s sales will open on April 13th. Moreover, the team will soon share an update with the details of its whitelisting process.

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ArtHouse Spirits DAO’s website and social media pages are the best sources for the project’s progress: Discord | Medium | Twitter.

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