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Grandma-Factory – NFTs for Luxury and Collectible Markets

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Grandma-Factory is joining this trend with various solutions to transform how we acquire and use those items.

With its incubator, NFTs, governance model, and rewards program, Grandma-Factory is ushering in a new era of investment possibilities. Today we explore this new ecosystem and its plan to bring new capital into the luxury and collectible markets.

What Is Grandma-Factory?

Grandma-Factory is a new platform that provides users with access to luxury and collectible products backed by blockchain technology. By leveraging the trustlessness and transparency of the blockchain, they can ensure that all transactions are secure, immutable, and ultra-fast. 

Before looking at the multiple tools offered by this team, we’ll switch our focus to what this project’s goal is. Furthermore, we’ll understand the approach proposed by this platform and the market the team intends to target.

The Project’s Goal

Grandma-Factory seeks to bridge the gap between traditional investments and DeFi by connecting users to many luxury goods. The platform allows users to invest in tangible, anti-fragile, and secure assets that can provide stable long-term returns.

By making these markets accessible, Grandma-Factory intends to create an inclusive financial future that provides greater economic resilience for everyone.

The Team’s Plan

Grandma-Factory is committed to providing a secure platform for investments. By leveraging the Ethereum network, customers can access robust assets compliant with decentralized finance tools.

In addition to traditional and fractionalized NFTs, Grandma-Factory offers thematic funds composed of multiple assets for increased liquidity and stability.

The web application allows users to browse and interact with the various smart contracts on the platform. 

Recently, the team announced the completion of a smart contract audit performed by the German company SolidProof. SolidProof is a famous name in the security industry, and its audit ensures the level of trust for Grandma-Factory users.

Real-world asset owners can sell their properties in our incubator at appraised prices and lower costs than auction houses. Grandma-Factory also guarantees the maintenance and security of assets under its management.

Which Markets Does Grandma-Factory Target?

Grandma-Factory targets several markets, such as luxury watches and cars. The watch market is thriving, with prestigious brands like Rolex and Audemars Piguet being particularly popular amongst investors. 

The automotive industry has two key segments – classic cars for enthusiasts and collectors and sports cars in limited quantities.

Over time, grandma-Factory also plans to offer other sectors, such as works of art, luxury accessories, and wine. These will provide crypto-currency holders with multiple possibilities to diversify their assets.

The team’s strategy shows clear ambition and commitment to bringing new opportunities for investors. The world is still learning about the implications of merging blockchain technology with traditional markets. In this changing context, Grandma-Factory intends to capitalize on this knowledge.

Grandma NFTs

Grandma NFTs represent a new way to represent real-world assets on the blockchain. These tokens are unique and provide a secure and transparent system for tracking ownership of physical assets.

Grandma-Factory guarantees the company retains the underlying asset, thereby ensuring the value of the NFT. The company also publishes documents related to the asset’s valuation on IPFS, making them accessible to users anytime.

Grandma NFTs offer a secure and reliable way to track ownership of physical assets in a transparent and unified environment. The team intends to provide asset-backed tokens with real-world application and value, enhancing the project’s utility.

Grandma F-NFTs

Fractional NFTs (F-NFTs) are a relatively recent trend in the blockchain space. This technology enables users to own a fraction of an NFT rather than the entire one.

With Grandma F-NFTs, you can purchase or sell parts of an NFT for fractional amounts on the Grandma-Factory platform. This makes it easier and more accessible for everyone to become part of the blockchain NFT ecosystem.

Grandma Incubator

The Grandma-Factory Incubator provides a platform for sellers to monetize their assets and products in the form of Grandma NFTs. To ensure a fair market price, experts must appraise NFTs before the listing operation. Once the selling prices are determined, Grandma-Factory purchases the goods and holds them in its reserves.

Users can purchase these NFTs from the incubator in two ways. They can buy the entire Grandma NFT at the set price, resulting in an immediate sale. 

Alternatively, they can also finance a fraction of the Grandma NFT, with each participant owning a part of the NFT. If there’s a match between the fractions sum and the set price, the project will perform the NFT/F-NFT conversion.

Discovering Grandma ASCs

This team also offers its community a new concept labeled “AlmostStableCoin,” or “ASC.”

A Grandma ASC is a token compliant with the ERC-20 standard composed of Grandma NFTs, F-NFTs, and other Grandma ASCs.

It has value reflective of all its assets, providing users with diversification across multiple assets. This allows them to target markets they wish to invest in. Through the web application, users can consult the technical characteristics of each Grandma ASC along with its composition.

Grandma-Factory wants to simplify digital asset investing and maximize its potential. In this context, ASCs bring a new type of opportunity to the market.

Grandma Republic

Grandma-Token holders can use the Grandma Republic system to vote for many developments with varying themes. They can choose from adding a specific asset to the Grandma NFTs and an ASC on a given topic.

In addition, users can also select which domain Grandma-Factory should address in the future. It is an opportunity to shape the platform according to their preferences and participate in its success. Decentralization is a common value in the crypto-holder community, and this voting system is a way to implement it.

The key to accessing this system is the project’s native GMA cryptocurrency. The next section will provide more details about this new token.

Deep Dive into the Project’s Tokenomics

Launching a token is a popular strategy in the crypto world, as projects see large benefits in issuing their cryptocurrencies. Let us look at the token allocation determined by the team and at the project’s reward system.

The GMA Token

The GMA Token intends to provide liquidity on the various ASCs offered by the Grandma-Factory platform. Moreover, it will allow users to pay discounted fees and earn rewards. This token allows token holders to participate in the project’s platform governance.

The GMA is an Ethereum-based ERC-777 (compatible with ERC-20) token, with an ICO Token Price of 1 GMA = 0.005 USD and a Fundraising Goal of $1.5 million. There will be a total of 10 billion GMA, with 7 billion available for public sale. The private sale allocated a total of 500 million for private sale.

Moreover, the founders will allocate 1 billion tokens to the ecosystem; the same amount will go to the team. Finally, the remaining 500 million tokens will equally divide between marketing operations and community rewards.

Rewarding the Project’s Community

The Grandma-Reward program offers a variety of benefits to holders of Grandma-Token tokens. Users who stake their tokens receive liquidity tokens that enable them to collect a portion of the platform fees.

The amount they can earn depends on the level of staking they choose. Cotton, Cashmere, or Silk are the available categories, with the highest reward levels providing a 3x multiplier.

The rewards also grant increased voting power within the Grandma-Republic system. Specifically, you can expect 2x, 3x, and 5x more influence for Cotton, Cashmere, and Silk, respectively. Grandma-Factory reserves the right to adjust these awards as needed.

This strategy aims to increase the involvement and rewards of the project’s community, allowing them to benefit from Grandma-Factory’s growth.

What Can We Expect from Grandma-Factory’s Future? A Look at the Team’s Roadmap

Sharing a roadmap in the crypto sector aims to demonstrate a team’s transparency and commitment to its users. It keeps the team focused on Grandma-long-term Factory’s goals and informs everyone of project developments.

The team has divided its roadmap into three parts, as explained below.


Grandma-Factory released its whitepaper in Q2 2023, following the team’s roadmap. It is an important year for Grandma-Factory, as the team expects to launch its ICO by Q3. By Q4, the team will release its entire application beta. Furthermore, a bounty program will reward users who test and enhance the software.


Next year, this team will launch the Grandma application, allowing users to access and interact with their tokens. The team will also mint the first Grandma NFT in Q1 and launch the first ASC.

Grandma Republic will become a reality by Q2. Furthermore, users will be able to participate in Investment and liquidity pools in Q3. In the same quarter, borrowing and lending of Grandma’s assets will become available.

Looking Beyond 2024

Grandma-Factory has plans that go beyond 2024. For instance, the founders expect to handle more blockchain platforms. This move will enable the platform to enhance its market reach in the crypto sector.

An OTC (Over-the-Counter) market will allow for greater flexibility in transactions and the customization of financial products. Furthermore, price oracles will aim to integrate new decentralized features and provide real-time data on asset valuations.

Finally, the team plans to incorporate a Metaverse, a platform that allows users to create virtual worlds and experiences.

Final Thoughts – A New Way to Invest in the Luxury and Collectible Markets

Grandma-Factory wants to change the luxury and collectible markets with its blockchain platform. The Grandma-Reward program provides GMA holders with various benefits, including liquidity rewards and increased voting power in the Republic system.

The team’s roadmap is public for transparency purposes, which shows that the team is committed to meeting its goals.

Furthermore, future plans include extending the market reach and incorporating new features such as OTC markets and price oracles. Keep an eye on the project’s official Twitter page of Grandma-Factory for news about pre-sales.

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If you’re looking for more information on the project, check out the Grandma Factory website to find out more. Moreover, the social media pages created by the team (Instagram and Twitter) contain frequent updates about the project.

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