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Metahorse Unity – Ride Your NFT Horse to Real Gains and Glory in This New P2E Game

Metahorse Unity - Ride Your NFT Horse to Real Gains and Glory in This New P2E Game

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Metahorse Unity is a blockchain-based, Play-to-Earn (P2E) horse racing game that leverages the power of NFTs to deliver a unique gaming experience. The platform features numerous game modes, including multiplayer, RPG, and strategy, with monthly updates improving gameplay quality and monetization opportunities.

With an innovative concept, Metahorse Unity makes horse racing lucrative for everyone, from traditional gamers to NFT enthusiasts. Read on as we unveil one of the most exciting GameFi initiatives in the blockchain landscape lately.

What is Metahorse Unity?

Metahorse Unity is an ambitious project seeking to revamp the face of mobile gaming. Behind it is a highly experienced game studio – Hungri Games – that has developed and published 3 RPG titles on mobile since its inception in 2019. Moreover, the company is among the few distinct Web2 studios in the emerging Web3 landscape. Its ultimate goal is to redefine the P2E model through the thrills of its horse race game.

Metahorse Unity blends role-playing elements with Web3 assets like NFTs into an immersive gaming experience to reach its objectives. This way, its creators hope to increase access to blockchain-based gaming and digital ownership for traditional gamers.

The integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) should help break down barriers. Players can buy, sell, and trade these digital assets even on secondary markets to get more than just a thrill from gaming. They can exchange them for crypto or fiat to gain real-world value.

However, you don’t have to be an NFT collector to play this horse racing game. Metahorse Unity is free-to-play, and traditional gamers can still enjoy it without paying. On the other hand, in-app purchases and NFTs can help them access additional avenues for revenue generation.

Metahorse Unity allows players to upgrade their NFT Horses and Riders to boost their value in the secondary market. This increases the game’s functionality and aesthetics, allowing it to stay true to its underlying play-to-earn model.

How to Play Metahorse Unity

As a Metahorse Unity player, you will own a stable of meta horses you must care for and breed. Improving your facilities and horse training can help you win races and create the perfect horse champion. The game features different gameplay modes with equally immersive qualities.

You can join horse races against other real players or the AI. Every event is a thrilling mix of motion-captured animations, cinematic races, and intense horse race commentary. You aim to compete for glory and hire riders to ride for you. In the long run, you can sell the resources you earn from racing for potentially high gains.

Every meta-horse in the game has unique traits, including appearance, pedigree history, and statistics. You can breed your horses via the game’s origin-based breeding system to produce better and more exclusive new horses.

In Metahorse Unity, training makes the difference between champions and mediocre competitors. You must train your horses’ characteristics, such as speed, sprint energy, and acceleration, to improve their competition performance.

Moreover, you can upgrade your horses by earning and spending on consumables. The same goes for training facilities and stable stalls, which enable you to own more horses.

Metahorse Unity hosts live events where participants can earn a significant return even on a short entry. Other features include Minigames with valuable in-game surprise items, limited giveaways, and airdrops.

Winning Conditions

Metahorse Unity allows players to win in four different ways:

  1. Participating in races against other players.
  2. Improving your skills by racing and breeding and ranking higher in tournaments.
  3. Owning a breed horse and letting other players breed to enhance their skills.
  4. Riding with other players’ horses as a professional rider.

Alternatively, you can contribute to the horse trade by selling your skilled horses in the game’s marketplace or trading your NFTs to buy new coming NFTs.

You can have fun with friends and win by participating in seasonal contests and completing missions. Participating in special tournaments and creating your prize tournament are other avenues to follow for winning. Lastly, you can catch limited giveaways to enjoy a share of the game’s growing spoils.

How to Gain with Metahorse Unity NFTs

Metahorse Unity aims to develop a cross-platform horse racing NFT game that allows gamers to own crypto and NFTs. Moreover, in-game NFT holders can earn from their horses while enjoying the game’s other benefits.

The game will start with 4 main classes of unique NFT Metahorses – Cyber, Warrior, Unicorn, and Dragon. Each class has characteristics making horses more proficient in different areas, such as endurance, stamina, heat, healer, spirit, etc. Minting NFT holders receive valuable benefits on the utility ecosystem of Metahorse Unity.

Free-to-play Metahorses require a Core Metahorse to mate. The free-to-play horse owner has to pay the full cost of breeding. Also, Core Metahorses can be bred only a limited amount of times, and the breeding cost of the respective NFT Core Metahorse increases after each breeding.

Metahorse Unity NFT owners and players can earn by:

  • Racing their Horse in both PVE and PVP modes.
  • Upgrading both paid and free horses and increasing their market value.
  • Use Core Metahorse NFTs as a passive income source through breeding and utility token claims.
  • Renting out their Metahorses in the Rental Marketplace for a share of racing profit or fixed-term rental.

Playing Metahorse Unity delivers the following benefits:

  • Buying and holding unique Metahorse Unity NFTs have an exchangeable or tradeable value.
  • NFT ownership is stored securely on the blockchain, ensuring the players’ horses, items, and other assets are permanently safe.
  • Metahorse Unity NFTs are compatible with any Ethereum technology (EVM) blockchain.
  • Players can cash out by selling some items within the Metahorse Unity ecosystem.


Hungri Games started 2023 by announcing the Metahorse Unity game, launching the website, mainnet, and litepaper, and preparing the NFT collection.

Some of the game’s most important development stages will occur in the Q4 of 2023. For example, Metahorse Unity will announce the official mint date, the mint platform, and NFT utilities. A fundraising round should also take place during this period.

The remainder of 2023 should see Metahorse Unity reach crucial goals, such as:

  • The 1st phase of the NFT sale
  • NFT integration
  • A pre-registration period for PC and Mobile players
  • A pre-alpha mobile game test
  • The game’s launch for PC and mobile
  • The 2nd phase of the NFT sale
  • The MUNITY token’s official launch

The Bottom Line – Why Metahorse Unity Deserves at Least a Trial Run

Metahorse Unity is an exciting new game from Hungri Games that should mark an important milestone in blockchain gaming history. Its unique approach to the Play-to-Earn model with a combination of NFTs and RPG horse racing should establish a new standard for interactive digital entertainment.

Traditional gamers and NFT enthusiasts can rely on the developers’ record in producing high-quality games. The studio comprises 32 worldwide professionals with considerable expertise in game design and development, blockchain development, HR, Product Owners, Level Design, Publishing Support, and more.

Lastly, Metahorse Unity is a free-to-play game with several ways to generate value and monetize game time. Its players benefit from an immersive experience in the thrilling world of horse racing while exploring reliable revenue streams.

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You can learn more about Metahorse Unity at Website | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | YouTube | Medium.

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