The CVTX Token and its Lead Role in the Carrieverse Web3 Ecosystem

The CVTX Token and its Lead Role in the Carrieverse Web3 Ecosystem

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Carrieverse is a comprehensive ecosystem that is behind the development of numerous projects like the Cling Platform, a Web3 metaverse, the Web3 GameFi “SuperKola Tactics,” and a PFP project based on “Carrie and Friends,” which is a kid-friendly, popular program in South Korea that boasts 500 million fans worldwide.

This rapidly growing virtual universe allows creators and brands to build and share content in a highly engaging environment. Moreover, the life-logging Web3 social gaming metaverse platform reflects real-world activities such as games, commerce, and educational content.

Fueling this brave new virtual world is the $CVTX token, a governance token with numerous utilities and benefits for holders. This article looks closely at the token’s development, distribution, and roadmap.

What is the $CVTX Token, and How Does it Work?

Like most Web3 metaverse projects, Carrieverse will feature a governance token called CVTX. This coin will also serve as the native token for the SuperKola game.

SuperKola will be a P2E strategy game that involves a cuddly, plush-like puppy which players can engage with and participate in a real-time turn-based strategy RPG. The game is scheduled to be released in 2023 and will be available on iOS, Android, and PC platforms.

The CVTX token will also play a significant role in the project’s content-rich metaverse and the creation of NFTs.

According to its Twitter account, Carrieverse will distribute the CVTX token as follows:

  •       50% to the Rewards Pool
  •       12% to the Team
  •       10,22% to Private Sales
  •       10% to Airdrops and Marketing (with 3% of it going towards Growth marketing)
  •       5% to the Public Sale
  •       5% to the Reserve
  •       4,77% to Investors
  •       3% to Partners and Investors

CVTX Roadmap

Carrieverse has established four development phases involving the CVTX token:

Phase 1: To reach its goals, the project has teamed up with several prestigious brands in blockchain and Web3. One of them is the recent partnership with the blockchain network Polygon and Polygon Studios to scale up its Metaverse. This phase also includes enhancing its community and the release of the Cling Wallet.

Phase 2: At this stage, the project will organize an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) for the $CVTX token currently listed on Furthermore, it will release the much-anticipated movie, Carrie and Friends. Lastly, the team will launch a PFP NFT project based on the “Carrie and Friends” IP.

Phase 3: The team announces significant partnerships with important industry brands such as Polygon, Central Investment Partners, Certik, NFTB, SAC, and many others. During this phase, the land NFT becomes available within the Carrieverse. Finally, the project will host parties and events for token holders.

Phase 4: The last phase involves the grand global release of Carrieverse and the release of the Carrie & Friends animated TV series. Furthermore, the SuperKola Tactics Web3 game will also see its grand launch.

About Carrieverse

Carrieverse Inc. is a joint venture between Carriesoft Inc., a media studio producing family-friendly content, and Mantisco Inc., a game publisher/developer. The result is a blockchain and metaverse platform catering to the entertainment, gaming, and educational interests of Generations Z and Alpha.

In November 2022, Carrieverse released its crypto wallet, Cling, to strengthen ties and communication with its growing community. In a recent Twitter post, they revealed more about Cling,  the Web3 platform, and the team building it.

Cling operates on the Polygon network, which ensures its scalability and immutability. The platform aims to simplify the blockchain world by delivering an all-encompassing solution that includes GameFi, Social-fi, educational content, NFTs, a crypto wallet, and a marketplace. $CVTX is its governance token, which is also listed on Building Cling is a professional team of blockchain experts, including David (CEO), who used to be a VC and has over 20 years of experience as a CPA at PWC LLC SME. Another important team member is Claude (CTO), a renowned talent in the tech industry, a first-generation game developer, and someone with solid experience operating Bitcoin and Ethereum full nodes. Lastly, Anton (PD) is a gaming specialist who produced the highly popular game, Dungeon and Fighter for over 10 years at Nexon.

Carrieverse originates from “Carrie and Friends,” a kid-friendly, popular program in South Korea featuring 2D/3D animations, live videos, and musicals. The IP has already amassed 3.3 million YouTube subscribers with over 4 billion global views of its content. Moreover, it enjoys the support of over 500 million fans worldwide, partly visible in its nearly 160 million Alphabet Song views.

The brand is also expanding physically in the US through children’s indoor playgrounds and merchandise pop-up stores. Furthermore, it is opening its doors to a global audience through the up-and-coming Carrieverse.

The development team has big plans for Carrieverse, including NFTs, native tokens, and user growth opportunities. Those joining Carrie and her friends can enjoy creative digital experiences and benefit from content ownership. Furthermore, they can build their world inside this Metaverse, where they can mint, collect, and trade NFTs.

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For more information about Carrieverse, follow these links: Website| Twitter | Telegram | Discord.

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