Top 3 Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games to Try Out in 2023

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In recent years, the online community spent many words on the topic of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games. As investors wait for a new crypto bull run, many turn their attention to P2E games to generate income.

P2E games are popular because they offer a unique opportunity for players to earn real money by playing the game. This is in contrast to traditional games, which only offer in-game rewards to purchase items or upgrades within the game.

Why Are Play-to-Earn Games Popular?

Play-to-earn games are rapidly gaining popularity in the gaming world. These games offer players a chance to have fun and earn real money or rewards for their efforts. 

Players can use their skills to compete with other gamers and win rewards that vary from game to game. Normally, you can easily convert these rewards into fiat currency.

These games are popular because they allow players to make money while having fun.

Play-to-earn games allow players to refine their skills and tactics without spending much money. These games provide a win-win situation for all players.

The best P2E games offer rewards that are worth paying for, as well as an exciting and immersive gaming experience. Remember this concept: top games must mix rewards and fun. Disregarding one of these elements can do a gaming project doomed to fail.

Play-to-Earn vs. Traditional Games

Before you jump into play-to-earn games, let’s take a moment to compare them with the more traditional style of gaming.

Traditional gaming involves purchasing a game outright and playing it for fun or advancement within the game itself. Play-to-earn involves investing money or time into a game in exchange for rewards or in-game currency. 

Both gaming styles have advantages and disadvantages. However, play-to-earn games offer an opportunity to make real money by playing a game you enjoy.

Also, play-to-earn games offer more transparent and accessible rewards than traditional games. This is because they often have links with cryptocurrency or other monetization tools.

Play-to-earn games aren’t just about making money. Instead, they let users communicate with peers, form communities, and participate in tournaments, deepening their immersion and engagement.

The ever-changing nature of play-to-earn games also ensures that there’s always something new to do. So whether you’re a diehard gamer or an investor, play-to-earn games offer an exciting way to make money while having fun.

Most Popular P2E Games for 2023

After reviewing hundreds of potential candidates, we have identified some of the top games in the industry. Here are the most popular and promising P2E projects for 2023.

Guild of Guardians

We’ll begin with “Guild of Guardians,” a mobile RPG that enables players to convert their gaming time into NFTs. Players create a team of Guardians and battle other guild members for tradable rewards. It’s free to play, and you’ll receive your first hero (no one can sell) once you start the game.

As you progress through the game, you can combine multiple heroes and evolve them into something even more powerful. In addition, you can sell these heroes for the game’s token, $GOG.

It’s a great way to earn new cryptocurrencies. You can combine existing heroes, mine resources, and get rewards for completing daily tasks or reaching leaderboards. 

Immutable is behind this project, and there’s a good chance you have already heard of them. This company is among the world’s top VC-funded blockchain gaming startups.

The game will launch in 2023, and NFT gaming enthusiasts are already very excited about it.


Splinterlands is a game that has collected hundreds of thousands of active users over the last few years. It is a collectible card game where players build decks of cards and battle against each other in head-to-head duels. 

The cards are blockchain assets and can be bought, sold, upgraded, or even rented to other players. The rewards for winning duels include packs of new cards and Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) – the game’s native currency.

The rarest and most powerful cards can fetch thousands of dollars. Splinterlands also uses a governance token, Splintershards (SPS), which lets you vote on upcoming changes to the game.

Splinterlands’ resiliency and ability to attract new players landed it on our top list for 2023. Many P2E projects perished during the last bear market, but Splinterlands still attracts players.

Axie Infinity

It wouldn’t be fair to exclude the P2E game that gained the most traction during the last crypto bull phase. Axie Infinity allows players to collect, breed, and battle their digital pets.

The game also has a thriving economy. In this ecosystem, users can make money by playing matches or trading items like skins with other players. In addition, those who are more committed can even become communal investors by buying plots of land and building structures.

Axie Infinity also features mini-games where you may earn their native token, AXS. We noticed many gaming scholarships and awards handed out to top-performing players in a relatively short period.

If you believe in P2E, Axie Infinity might lead the next bull run in 2023. This is why we included the game in our top-list overview.

Investing Time in Play-to-Earn Games

Are you looking for ways to make money through gaming? In 2023, play-to-earn games can be a great option. Here’s what you need to know when investing time in these types of games:

  1. They involve real money – Some Play-to-earn games require real money investment upfront. For example, some involve betting or buying cryptocurrency, while others require purchasing in-game items for real money. Make sure you understand the rules and regulations of each game before investing any of your hard-earned cash.
  2. You can earn rewards – Investing time into play-to-earn games gives players a chance to win real prizes. These rewards can range from in-game currency to cash prizes, depending on the game and your skill level.
  3. Different games have different strategies – Play-to-earn games require different strategies depending on the game. Some require you to buy certain items or complete certain levels. Alternatively, others may require you to build teams or invest in cryptocurrencies. Make sure to research the matter before investing your time into the game.
  4. It takes patience – Investing time into play-to-earn games can take a long time, depending on the game. So be prepared for frustration and be patient as you learn the game.

Play-to-earn can be a great option to make money while playing games. However, it’s important to understand the rules of each game before investing any real money or time into it. 

With some patience and practice, you may be able to start earning rewards in a relatively short time.

Choosing the Right Play-to-Earn Game

How do you choose the right play-to-earn game to play? Here are a few tips:

First, decide which type of game you’re looking for. Do you want something easy and casual or more complex that requires strategy? There’s no wrong answer; it all depends on your preferences and the challenge you’re looking for.

Next, consider the rewards. Are you looking for coins or tokens to exchange for real-world goods and services? Or are you simply looking for bragging rights? Again, knowing what rewards you’re after will help narrow down your choices.

Finally, read reviews from players who have already tried the games you’re considering. This can give you a good idea of the game’s quality and any bugs or glitches that may be present.

If you keep these tips in mind, you should have no problem finding the perfect play-to-earn game for your needs. Remember to have fun and only take the risks you’re comfortable with.

Play-to-Earn Games Are Here to Stay

Play-to-earn games are the future. As more players become aware of their potential to make money, these games will continue to grow in popularity. You could soon earn real rewards from your gaming skills with the right game and patience.

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Investors may flock back to the Play-to-Earn sector when the crypto market recovers from the current bear market. It will be interesting to monitor the situation and to see how the industry develops.

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