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Top 3 Sniper Bots That Will Change How You Trade on DeFi

Top 3 Sniper Bots That Will Change How You Trade on DeFi

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Recently, there has been a surge in the popularity of DeFi and Telegram trading bots. These bots have become popular among traders looking to navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market and simplify their trading experience. By blending automation with comprehensive data and insights, trading bots assist traders in making well-informed decisions and optimizing their strategies.

These bots have garnered attention from both retail investors and seasoned traders due to their accessibility and user-friendliness, all while offering advanced functionalities. They aid in identifying trading signals, verifying token security, automating token transactions, and even facilitating copy trading.

Here are some of the best crypto trading bots you can use now!


Mizar stands out as a promising newcomer in the realm of DeFi trading bots. It distinguishes itself by being the only platform that provides both CeFi and DeFi trading tools and comes with no monthly fees. Mizar’s comprehensive toolkit includes trading bots compatible with centralized exchanges like Binance and Coinbase and decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. The platform has garnered support from prominent investors, including Nexo, KuCoin, Huobi, and MEXC, and enjoys a user base of over 20,000 cryptocurrency traders.

Recently, Mizar introduced its groundbreaking product, D-Mizar, tailored for investors seeking early access to and trading opportunities with emerging altcoins on Uniswap. D-Mizar empowers traders to explore new tokens, conduct research, and engage in automated sniping or trading activities.

Main Features

  • Mizar Telegram Calls helps traders spot potential trading opportunities in the Uniswap – Ethereum ecosystem through actively monitoring more than 600 Telegram Channels and Groups. When a new token contract is mentioned in any of these channels, Mizar identifies it as a prospective trading call and presents it on a dashboard. Mizar’s users can access additional data for each token contract, including the call’s source, up-to-the-minute price and market capitalization data, total liquidity, pool size, and crucial security information such as potential honeypot risks and associated buy and sell tax rates.
  • The Mizar Token Sniffer is a publicly accessible tool at no cost and can be used as a valuable resource for investors to conduct research and assess the security of ERC-20 tokens. This tool grants traders access to a wealth of advanced information, including details such as contract taxes, restrictions on buy and sell quantities, token ownership, and creator profiles, and an array of other critical parameters. The Mizar Token Sniffer efficiently handles the verification process for traders, presenting a comprehensive dashboard that enhances their ability to make well-informed decisions. 
  • At the heart of D-Mizar lies the Sniper Bot, a tool that enables users to swiftly engage in token trading on the Uniswap v2.0 – Ethereum platform. The Sniper Bot operates in a fully automated way, eliminating the need for any technical expertise or coding skills on the part of the users. It empowers users to secure tokens immediately upon their launch and configure an automated take-profit mechanism to sell them automatically when their price reaches a defined threshold. Moreover, Mizar has devised a sophisticated safety system that automatically safeguards against rug pulls post-purchase and a set of security features that prevent traders from buying tokens that fail to meet essential safety criteria.

Mizar is actively working to release new tools, including automated DeFi bots incorporating features like copy trading to make it more accessible to less experienced traders as well. All these crypto trading solutions and more make Mizar one of the top platforms dedicated to improving users’ results.

What makes Mizar stand out:

  • Free and public Research tools like the Token Sniffer and Telegram Calls. 
  • Sniper Bots and DEX trading bots. Usable from Telegram and web app. 
  • Backed by Nexo, KuCoin, Huobi, and MEXC
  • Over 20,000 crypto traders already use it
  • No monthly fees


Unibot is another top crypto trading platform that has been making waves since its launch in May 2023. The service provides fast and user-friendly trading tools and sniper bots via its Telegram bot. Like Mizar, Unibot allows users to snipe tokens just as easily as they would send messages on the popular messaging app. 

Unibot was developed by Diamond Protocol, a company focusing on building trading tools for Ethereum. Its goal is to increase automatic crypto trading via Telegram bots and offer traders an alternative to traditional trading methods. So far, their plan works as Unibot users traded over $250 million worth of tokens, and the platform redistributed almost $5.0 million to users.

Unibot offers crypto traders multiple solutions, all accessible for free. 

  • Automated Limit Orders: Unibot provides the capability to execute orders automatically when the market reaches a specified level. This feature enables you to buy at a set price on Uniswap, where limit orders are not available.
  • Sniper Tools: Unibot offers powerful sniper tools, including the mirror sniper function that allows you to replicate successful traders, potentially leading to impressive profits. Additionally, the method sniper assists in identifying new token launches and liquidity opportunities on DEXes.
  • Profit and Loss (PNL) Analysis: When using Unibot to manage your account, you can effortlessly monitor your trading performance. Unibot offers comprehensive insights that help you validate the effectiveness of your trading strategy.
  • Private Transactions: Unibot provides private trade options that are resistant to Miner Extractable Value (MEV) bot vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of falling victim to front-running or sandwich attacks.
  • Fail-Safe Selling: Unibot empowers you to test orders in advance to determine if they might fail, thereby avoiding unnecessary gas fees and optimizing your profit potential.

What makes Unibot stand out:

  • Free token sniping bots usable directly from Telegram.
  • It claims supporting trades 6x faster than on Uniswap.
  • A trading volume of over $200 million
  • 40% revenues share that brought $5.0M shared.


Another platform taking advantage of the telegram bots resurgence is Maestro and its army of crypto trading bots usable from Telegram. This service provides a versatile suite of trading tools available in a multi-chain (BSC, ETH, ARB) environment. Upon its launch, the platform garnered over $4.5 million in trading fees only in May. That’s an impressive figure for a four-member team that only employs 2 developers for maintenance and updates.

Maestro provides several crypto trading tools popular among beginner and seasoned traders. These include a sniper bot, a smooth wallet tracker, and a proactive whale bot. These products, together with future releases, should create a far-reaching ecosystem capable of satisfying the needs of DeFi crypto enthusiasts via Telegram.

The central offering of Maestro is its trading bot, which serves as its cornerstone feature. With this bot, users have the capability to seek out tokens and make rapid purchases immediately upon their release, securing a position as early buyers. Traders can implement automated selling strategies, triggering sales when specific price targets are reached. Furthermore, safeguards are in place to shield traders from fraudulent schemes and protect against rug pulls. Additionally, Maestro facilitates signal detection by scanning Telegram channels and offers the ability to engage in copy trading from other wallets.

Another interesting Maestro feature is the Whale Bot, which sends users instant notifications via Telegram on whale transactions. Whale watching is common among crypto traders since it shows important market movements. This service alerts users about the latest actions of whales and other market drivers, thus pinpointing potential lucrative deals.

Maestro users can rely on the platform’s Wallet Tracker to get Telegram notifications on real-time price changes for several cryptocurrencies. Notably, users with wallets on both BNB Chain and ETH can keep an eye on their balances without leaving Telegram.

Lastly, Maestro supplies highly ambitious crypto groups with an innovative Buy Bot. This feature allows investors and token groups to monitor buys, sells, and price changes for up to two tokens for free.

What makes Maestro stand out:

  • A fast Telegram sniper bot usable across several blockchains
  • Easy liquidity, launch, and method sniping
  • Anti-rug protection
  • Monitor price changes for up to two tokens for free
  • Direct presale entries on Pinksale

These are some of the top crypto trading bots on the market you can use, whether for beginner, casual, or expert trading. The emergence of Telegram sniper and sniffer bots is a trail-blazing phenomenon already carving its own piece of the market.

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If you are ready for automatic cryptocurrency trading, you can start with any of these services. Their bots are your optimal allies in a fast-paced crypto market where making the right decision with every trade is humanly impossible. Remember to do your due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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