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Could LCX.com Be the Goldman Sachs of Crypto?

The crypto world is full of uncertainties; one can either be successful or drown themselves in utter failure. Specific considerations need to be in mind to build a profitable crypto company for token transactions and issuance. 

Developing teams commonly analyze the overall market and design a convenient platform suitable to fit all users. Nonetheless, LCX.com, the Liechtenstein Cryptoasset Exchange, managed to construct a cutting-edge architecture that incorporates several functionalities into one interface. At the core of LCXs platform lies a regulated token issuance system accompanied by other financial services like crypto asset exchange, a security token launch pad, advanced trading tools for DeFi and portfolio management, and more. 

Highlighting some of the critical areas to focus on before founding a Goldman Sachs kind of company may help mitigate the current fear surrounding digital assets’ trade and management. 

Goldman Sachs Company

Goldman Sachs Group operates as a leading financial ecosystem delivering premium financial services in quantity. It serves different types of clients globally, ranging from banking institutions, corporations, and ordinary customers. The New York-based company offers services like investment banking, management of assets, consumer banking, government financing, capital raising techniques, among others. 

Thanks to its effective and professional management practices, Goldman Sachs continues to expand rapidly, accumulating a net worth of $103.57 billion as of January 15, 2021. To attract and maintain its worldwide audience, the prominent financial institution aims to assemble three vital elements on one network: capital, individuals, and strategic plans.

Tips on Assembling a Viable Crypto Company

Traditional banking systems perpetually lose dominance in the financial market as crypto enthusiasts set to take over the financial sector. Despite the unpredictable nature of digital currencies, investors still secure lucrative rewards for trading on the crypto platforms. 

For a long time, however, the focus has mostly been on investment mechanisms rather than establishing a crypto trading system. Below are some key aspects one should implement when creating a sustainable token sale platform and a digital issuance system.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchains are massive ledgers that publicly display every transaction information on a cryptocurrency platform. The distributed ledger runs in an immutable environment, ultimately ensuring that no transaction detail is interfered with or reversed. Blockchains integrate high-end security features that safeguard the user’s tokens or digital currencies.

Consensus and Incentivized Mechanisms

The expanding blockchain containing extensive trading details needs to take up reliable, honest, and real-time mechanisms to oversee the validation procedures. Today, the most popular consensus protocols in use are the Proof of Work and Proof of Stake mechanisms. However, both broadly differ as they run on distinct principles. 

PoW algorithms let users solve complex mathematical equations to complete transaction validation processes. The mechanism’s only downside is that it requires heavy machinery and electrical power to function effectively. 

On the contrary, PoS mechanisms mainly involve transaction confirmation procedures based on the number of staked coins. Both consensus instruments are rewarding in the long run as users achieve passive incomes for becoming nodes or miners.

APIs and Interface Architectures

Application Programming Interface, commonly dubbed API, helps crypto investors execute trades based on their programming automatically. Crypto trading may come out as a challenge in most cases, especially for beginners with little or no knowledge. 

Therefore, the software program comes in handy as it makes decisions following factors like the market status, trading volumes, or even the number of orders. Implementing each advancement and mechanism is not enough without a convenient yet straightforward interface architecture that will accommodate every investor type.

Target Market

Designing a modernized crypto platform requires determining what goals the ecosystem will solve and the crypto community they wish to target. This move assures the developing team of a higher customer onboarding rate as individuals prefer a goal-oriented system.

Liechtenstein Constructs a Valuable Compliant Ecosystem for its Users

LCX.com differs from the majority of the ecosystems in that it provides crypto services in a regulated manner. The platform possesses notable features, making it stand out as a valuable financial destination.

Token Sale Manager and STO Launchpad

For investors or companies who wish to raise funds through utility tokens, government tokens, and even security tokens, LCX.com is the most appropriate platform for this activity. Over the course of two years, the LCX team has built a sophisticated token sale management solution with an advanced crypto-compliance suite for investor on-boarding, an easy token purchase process, token distribution, and management. As a registered Token Generator and Identity Service Provider among other regulated roles, LCX.com is becoming the new category leader for compliant token sales. Unlike ICOs, which receive capital in an unregulated way, compliant token offerings follow every compliance regulation and introduce investor protection similar to financial institutions. As the token sale manager and STO Launchpad follow strict KYC and AML laws, companies and other entities can safely issue tokens to the crypto market.

Asset Custodians

On most occasions, individuals may prefer to employ the Be Your Own Banker (BYOB) policy, which aims at asset security. Another party, however, may select a regulated third-party custodian like LCX to provide institutional-grade custody for cryptocurrencies. 

LCX vaults serve the sole purpose of storing virtual assets offline in cold storage devices. Some features that the vault holds include concrete blast doors, 24/7 guards, eight eyes authentication, split key storages, among others. Users also have a decentralized self-custody option to manage their digital assets through linked hardware wallets fully. 

LCX Terminals

This brilliant product avails the chance to earn adequate profits because of the designated smart trading tools LCX enables. The product incorporates 16 well-known crypto exchanges, i.e., KuCoin, Binance, Kraken, along with 5249 trading pairs. 

Traders leveraging LCX Terminal receive manual and automated trading platforms, social trading signals, professional analytics, and up-to-date data of the largest cryptocurrencies. As a bonus, investors on the Terminal get direct access to crypto news from legitimate news sources. 

Crypto Price Reference

For any market participants, reliable pricing data are key. LCX provides the first regulated and compliant price reference service that allows LCX investors to view Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) prices in both dollars and euros. The reference service came into play in 2020 through the Liechtenstein Blockchain Law as a Trustworthy Technology Reference Price Service. The price pairs (BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, ETH/EUR, and ETH/USD) will automatically be made available via API and on-chain blockchain price oracles. 

Digital Asset Exchange

Last on the list is LCX.com’s cryptocurrency exchange that offers individuals a secure and compliant trading platform for various digital assets. The new platform was launched in January 2021 and followed Coinbase and Kraken’s path to provide reliable and secure exchange services to consumers. 


LCX.com’s vision is to bridge the traditional financial world and the new fast-growing cryptocurrency industry. Its diversified products and services offerings are part of the roles mentioned in their blockchain laws. 

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Some of LCX’s unique blockchain principles entail functionalities like an advanced triple-AAA blockchain service provider, market access across Europe, digital asset trading, token issuance, and asset custody frameworks. While Goldman Sachs has built a leading financial ecosystem, LCX has built an innovative blockchain ecosystem for the world of digital assets.

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