Covid-19 Prompts Learners to Swarm Online Platforms For Crypto-Related Courses

Online learning platforms have experienced a ballooning of students enrolling for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related courses. Administrators attribute this upsurge to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To contain its spread governments have imposed lockdowns and encouraged social isolation. Consequently, many have resorted to online activities, including learning.

Surging Enrollment 

In the last month, Udemy has registered a fourfold increase in demand for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related courses. Similarly, Coursera recorded an uptick in Bitcoin-oriented courses over the same period.

A Coursera spokesperson submits that there was a 293% increase in the total enrollment on their platform. Again there was a 200% increase in demand for courses relating to Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The pandemic’s spread has forced scholars to explore new learning media. EdX which collaborates with Havard, MIT and others to offer free online courses, concurs that there’s been a significant increase in enrollment. 

Lee Rubenstein of EdX pegs the massive enrolment to COVID-19 disease. He went on to state that regardless of the situation employees and students need courses and skills.

COVID-19 Maximizing The Available Time 

The increase shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. Online courses are a practical way to remain productive indoors. 

Again many suggest that despite their brevity, it would be a challenge to take them under normal circumstances. As such they’re maximizing the available time to learn the much as they can. 

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In a related outcome, there’s been an increased interest in Bitcoin and crypto trading. Several exchanges reported more signups for services on their platforms. Kraken, for instance, claims that it recorded an 83% growth in registrations last month.

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