Craig Wright Receives A Threat from A Redditor Saying They’d Use BSV to Buy Drugs

Craig Wright is putting much effort into getting rid of drug users from his Bitcoin SV (BSV), a pet blockchain project, but some people are resisting. 

In a recent post on Reddit, an individual just dared Wright, saying he will utilize the BSV native crypto asset to purchase drugs. He said that he would use multiple BSV wallets to pay for narcotics and highlighted that it would be near impossible for Craig Wright and the whole BSV team to know anything about the kind of trade. 

Earlier, Mr. Wright sent a warning to all users that anyone found to be using narcotics on the network will face severe consequences. Mr. Wright’s remarks came when he was at the CoinGeek London conference, where he discussed the issues where rival crypto assets are regularly used in financing illegal operations online. 

His remarks, however, excluded BSV from the lot, showing he does not want the use of drugs on the BSV’s blockchain. 

The primary attribute of cryptocurrencies is top privacy and anonymity. However, it looks like BSV is serious about curtailing illicit operations by working by the books, thus reducing any wrongful use of the asset.  

Because of the traceability of blockchain’s permanence, it’s easy for law enforcement agencies to track drug dealers. Getting just one person involved in drug operations on the blockchain makes it easy to trace and expose the entire trail of persons participating in narcotics transactions.

It’s a fact that the Redditor knows risks associated with using BSV based transactions for drug purchase. However, this Redditor noted that he’d empty the coins from his wallet before Craig Wright freezes the assets. MR Wright has been claiming to be the owner of Bitcoin SV network skeptic investors who have questions about the project’s centralization issues. 

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Several top investors have criticized Mr. Wright. For instance, Alistair Milne, Altana Digital Fund’s CIO, said that BSV is a “s*tshow led by technically illiterate boomers with criminal records.” Moreso, Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO, remarked that Mr. Wright is a fraud. 

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