update 2 November 2021

Crypto.com Becomes #1 App On US Google Play Store

Cryptocurrency is hot among American consumers right now, and the Google Play Store proves it. As of today, the Crypto.com app is the most popular product in the marketplace. This comes amidst the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, surging prices, and a hot advertising campaign from the exchange.

Record Downloads of Crypto Apps

As displayed on Google Play’s front page, Crypto.com is currently the most downloaded free app across all categories. It has grown more popular than TikTok, CashApp, and Instagram. Notably, Coinbase has also shot through the ranks and is now sitting at rank #3.

The increased popularity of the two apps is likely spurred in part by the booming crypto market. While bitcoin is currently trading steadily above $60 000, ether just reached a new all-time high above $4300. With similar gains among various altcoins, retail buyers are flooding the market, hoping to capitalize.

The US Apple App store reflects similar interests. Last week, Coinbase reclaimed its position as the most downloaded app back in May, with Crypto.com in 4th. However, each app has since fallen to 16th and 22nd, respectively.

Fierce Promotion From Crypto Exchanges

Nevertheless, there is good reason for both Crypto.com and Coinbase to see such massive adoption in recent days. As a result, both have launched major promotional campaigns to gain familiarity with average buyers.

To start, Crypto.com recently signed on Matt Damon to be the face of its company. The actor stars in a new company ad presented on its site and social media, titled “Fortune Favors the Bold”. The exchange has also recruited basketball player Carmello Anthony, astronaut Scott Kelly, and UFC fighter Rhonda Rousey alongside Damon.

Matt Damon Dishes About His Irish Coronavirus Lockdown in Interview - The New York Times
Matt Damon. Source. New York Times

Speaking of the UFC: the organization is now deeply intertwined with crypto.com. It advertises the crypto exchange on many fighters’ jerseys, including newly crowned light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira. In addition, MMA fighters have launched many such initiatives with crypto organizations, including Jorge Masvidal, last month.

As for Coinbase, the exchange has launched multiple initiatives to make it a premiere platform bridging all areas of crypto. For example, the company plans to launch an NFT marketplace and allows users to receive their income in crypto.

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In terms of advertising, Coinbase has now become the official cryptocurrency partner of the NBA. Their name and logo appears regularly during games, on television, and at the base of each stadium’s nets.