Crypto.com Drops Marscapes NFT Collection

Crypto exchange Crypto.com launched its NFT collection – inspired by Mars.

The drop was a part of the promotion and their brand film – Fortune Favors the Brave. In addition, the exchange gave out NFTs to users that found a hidden QR code in the commercial.

The film, featuring Matt Damon, showed the code in only a single frame. The NFT series contains five unique art pieces with a limited number of copies.

The NFTs feature 3D renders of Mars landscapes, together with sci-fi atmospheric music. Furthermore, the NFTs feature the Crypto.com lion icon, rotating in the center.

After scanning, the users had to submit their emails to receive the NFT reward. The NFTs will drop over the 72 hours since the announcement.

The studio Impossible Brief was behind the creation of this collection. The inspiration behind this collection is planet Mars, with each NFT depicting an actual location on the Red Planet.

James Zwadlo, the co-Founder of the studios, remarked they took inspiration from composers such as Hans Zimmer. Zimmer composed music for cult sci-fi films such as Dune and Interstellar.

For the Martian series, we took inspiration from cinematic composers like Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, matching it to the barren but grand atmosphere of the planet.

The creators inspired movies such as Dune and Lord of The Rings for the terrain.

The scale of these landscapes is beyond terrestrial dimensions, so we looked to Lord of the Rings for reference on how to reproduce a terrain of such vast scale accurately.

Crypto.com and Mars

Crypto.com executives expressed their excitement about the collection. Marek Okon, Creative Director of the exchange, said our view of Mars moves from Sci-Fi to reality.

They are moving Mars from the Sci-Fi realm closer to reality, and show the Red Planet in all its diversity and raw richness.

Steven Kalifowitz, the Chief Marketing Officer, remarked on the project’s impact on the crypto community itself.

It is a mission with so many parallels to the one of the crypto community: pushing the limits of what we can achieve as a society.

The brand campaign film starred Matt Damon, the brand ambassador of Crypto.com. They also recruited other famous personalities. These include UFC fighter Rhonda Rousey, basketball player Carmello Anthony. Even the astronaut Scott Kelly became involved with the brand.

The exchange also partnered with notable brands, such as Formula One and UFC. Moreover, they partnered with the LA Lakers to rename the iconic Staples Stadium to Crypto.com Stadium.

Currently, Crypto.com has over 2,000 employees. Its site has over 10 million daily visits. Moreover, the exchange offers trading in more than 200 cryptos.

Number #1 in the US

At the start of November this year, Crypto.com was the most downloaded free mobile app in all US Google Play Store categories. The increased popularity made the exchange jump past the app giants such as TikTok and Instagram.

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Similarly, Coinbase and Crypto.com came near the top in the US Apple App store in late December. Coinbase became the most downloaded app, with Crypto.com coming in 4th place. Both exchanges made great efforts to promote their platforms to average users.

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