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Crypto Skeptics to Speak Out at the First “Anti-Crypto Conference”

Amidst the current downturn in the crypto market, crypto skeptics and critics have banded together to hold an anti-crypto conference. The event will give those in attendance a chance to voice their crypto-related grievances to government administrators and policymakers. 

Educating Lawmakers

Dubbed the Crypto Policy Symposium, the conference will take place in London over two days in the first week of September. The forthcoming anti-crypto event contrasts with other gatherings with ties to the industry. Typically pro-crypto, these events discuss advancements and newer offerings in the pertinent asset class.

However, as anti-crypto journalist Amy Castor outlined in a recent release, this will not be the case with the skeptics’ conference. Having conversed with co-organizer Stephen Diehl, Castor pointed out the main goals of the symposium. The meeting first aims to provide lawmakers with the material they need to make educated decisions regarding policy.

Castor stated that lawmakers mainly receive crypto-related information from advocates and “deep-pocket crypto companies” with noteworthy VC backing. This data supposedly often taints policy decisions. Diehl brought up a bill currently under debate in the US saying it could create gaps in the law for blockchain-based startups. 

The bill in question is the Responsible Financial Innovation Act; crypto-friendly Senators Cynthis Lummis and Kirsten Gillibrand submitted the proposal. 

Bringing Skeptics Together

According to Castor, since the onset of the space, industry detractors have remained a few “talking heads” on Twitter. These individuals have shared opinions with little effect, but things have supposedly changed in the past year and a half. A month ago, several computer scientists and academics petitioned US legislators for an industry crackdown. 

The group drew media attention after sending a signed report highlighting the failings of crypto investments and blockchain technology. Not long after this, David Gerard, author of “Attack of the 50-Foot Blockchain”, Journalist Izabella Kaminska, and noted academic John Naughton came before the  UK’s House of Commons Science and Technology Committee to state that blockchain technology lacked any practical applications.

Hence, the symposium will also facilitate something of a meet and greet between crypto skeptics. Besides interacting with lawmakers, Diehl seeks to provide them with a way to network amongst themselves:

I feel like a lot of us are islands. I want everyone to know everyone, make friends, and create a community. That is how things actually get done in advancing this kind of policy work.”

Moreover, Diehl and the “talking heads” aren’t the only critics getting media coverage. American billionaire and Microsoft co-creator Bill Gates is vocally anti-crypto. At a climate conference nearly a month ago, he revisited his views on cryptocurrencies and NFTs saying they followed the greater fool theory. Gates does not own any digital tokens.

Other Details of the Symposium

Over the 5th and 6th of September, the event will feature a dozen 45-minute-long panels. Diehl hopes to present 3-4 people with each panel from various sectors; law, tech, and journalism. With this, he aims to offer a well-rounded perspective. 

The panelists will cover topics such as Bitcoin’s environmental impact, the politics of Bitcoin, ICOs, NFTs, and Web3. They will also discuss what Diehl terms the current DeFi domino collapse. Notably, Amy Castor will be one of the speakers.

Diehl views Europe and the US as “big fronts” for crypto space, and has invited financiers from both regions. The invite list includes persons from institutions such as the FCA, ECB, IMF, SEC, Finma, and Bafin.

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Indeed, it is interesting to note that despite the touted misinformation across these agencies and other policymakers, crypto-friendly regulation remains scarce. New York is facing a possible ban on Bitcoin mining, and China’s sentiment on trading and mining is no secret given the extended blanket ban.

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