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Cryptocurrency Cards – Which are the Best Crypto Cards Providers?

Cryptocurrency is great, right? You buy, store, spear through the volatility, and eventually hope to accumulate profit several times greater than your initial investment. That is the plan of a large majority of cryptocurrency HODLers.

But wait, is that what crypto is all about? Buy, HODL, and Sell?

Wasn’t cryptocurrency a global, decentralized innovation made a reality by blockchain technology? Shouldn’t it be used globally by now, given its ever-increasing market interest?

With the advent of Cryptocurrency Credit/Debit Cards, the future has arrived.

Bringing Crypto to Everyday Use

Cryptocurrency cards are the next logical FinTech evolution. Cryptocurrency cards do something most FinTech innovations don’t – build a bridge between the old and new worlds.

Today, Crypto cards offer great convenience for spending your crypto. They combine the convenience of bank-issued cards with the constant volatility of the cryptocurrency market. In addition, they let you spend your digital assets on the go without waiting for funds to hit your bank account, thus removing the middle commission you would pay to convert your crypto.

Today, more than three dozen institutions are engaged in bringing everyday cryptocurrency usage to reality. They let you use your cryptocurrency to invest as well as spend at the same time. Here is our list of the most user-friendly cryptocurrency card providers to help our readers distinguish among the numerous available options today.

Best Crypto Debit/Credit Card Providers


Coinbase is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. To expand its reach and diversify its portfolio, Coinbase ventured into the FinTech sector. Coinbase partnered with Paysafe — a well-known digital payment solutions provider — to issue their Visa debit cards. The beta test was initially in the United Kingdom, but Coinbase has expanded to several countries.

With the Coinbase Visa card, clients can conveniently spend digital currencies without waiting for withdrawals to hit their bank accounts. This prepaid Bitcoin card can be managed from an app, enabling users to keep track of all their financial transactions on the go. Coinbase’s solution works differently than other cryptocurrency cards in the market. Instead of topping up the card with digital assets before using it, the equivalent amount of crypto is liquidated immediately into British Pounds (GBP) at the time of each transaction.

Main USP: Low Fees, Security, Ease of use

Available in: UK, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland, Romania, and Sweden.

Where to Get:


Bitwala has bridged the gap between traditional banking and crypto, creating a platform that offers a fast and low-cost option to buy and send digital currencies. It also accomplishes your ‘traditional’ banking needs – such as paying bills, receiving a salary, or making in-store transactions with your debit card.

Bitwala is a Mastercard, meaning you can use the card at any payment point that accepts Mastercard. Of course, this is a great advantage, seeing that Mastercard (and VISA) are the world’s most accepted cards. Furthermore, Bitwala Card’s fees are not very high. The monthly fee for holding crypto is EUR 1.00. To top it off, there is no issuance fee, which is quite unusual and beneficial.

There would be no fees for ATM withdrawals, either, if we understood the information about this card correctly.

Bitwala currently supports several different cryptos. BTC, BCH, ETH, XMR, DASH, OMG, NEO, XRP, ZEC, and many other altcoins. Concerning fiat currencies, Bitwala Card supports AUD, BRL, CHF, CNY, DKK, GBP, HRK, HUF, JPY, KRW, MXN, NOK, PHP, PLN, SEK, USD, and VND, which is an impressive selection of fiat currencies, asserting its plans to dominate globally.

Main USP: Global, low barrier to entry, low fees

Available in: Europe region, Australia, Southeast Asia

Where to Get: represents a one-stop shop for consumers to buy, save, and spend on cryptocurrencies. The ecosystem features various staking options that allow customers to unlock features like cashback, rebates, and interest rewards. Strongly geared towards everyday individuals, the company provides many ways for customers to take full advantage of their digital asset holdings. First, look at some of the major services that offers.

The MCO Project that is a part of stems from producing an ecosystem of cryptocurrency-based products that solves all consumer needs. The idea initially started with offering customers a credit/debit card for easily spending crypto. The ecosystem was only possible by launching a crypto credit/debit card to fuel crypto mass adoption. Since then, the team has expanded its value offering to include the cryptocurrency exchange, VISA debit cards, Crypto Earn, Crypto Wallet, and much more.

Main USP: Incredibly low fees, exposure to other features, Global

Available in: 31 European Countries, Singapore, USA

Where to Get:


Crypterium boasts the privilege of being “the world’s first crypto bank.” The project’s initial plans were to serve clients globally and enable them to spend cryptocurrencies easily. Since then, the reach of Crypterium has expanded to include debit cards, credit cards, exchanges, and other services. The cryptocurrency card is linked to the Crypterium App, which allows one to top it up instantly, block or unblock it, change the pin, and monitor one’s spending.

But there are three options: Basic, Plus, and Premium. By default, all users start in the Basic plan, in which one has to pay a one-time fee of $9.99 (CRP token Holders) or $14.99 (non-CRP token Holders) for card issuance. Alternatively, one can upgrade your Crypterium plan to Plus or Premium for as low as $2.99/month and get the card for free.

Main USP: Global, real-time tracking, ease of use

Available in: UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

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Where to Get:

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