Cryptocurrency Exchange Crypto.com Has Been Assigned a Twitter Emoji

Another cryptocurrency has been assigned an emoji on Twitter and it is not ETH, USDT, XRP or any other top cryptocurrency as numerous individuals were anticipating ETH to get it following BTC.

The new Twitter emoji was assigned to cryptocurrency payments platform Crypto.com. Anytime anyone types the hashtag #CRO, the emoji will appear automatically. This makes the firm’s native cryptocurrency the second coin to be assigned an emoji on Twitter following BTC. However, what makes this feature worthwhile is the belief that it is set to bring more recognition to the platform.

The firm announced its newly assigned emoji as it is ready to celebrate its fourth birthday later this month. This year, the firm has recorded a rise in its user base and the value of its native CRO token, largely because of the new features they have been introducing, as well as pushing new deals almost every month.

Is an emoji so valuable? Well, the addition of such graphic content representing a firm’s logo or symbol might seem unremarkable but there is wide consideration that it is a key step for cryptocurrencies and firms in the cryptocurrency space.

Some opine that the cryptocurrency space gets more recognition with emojis. People can develop interest in cryptocurrency through the platform that enables the emoji. People debated Bitcoin’s assigned emoji tirelessly for a long time such that it lasted several years and it was across multiple social media platforms.

Nonetheless, after several years of debate, Twitter’s founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, who is likewise a renowned Bitcoin proponent, broke the ice in 2019 by adding a yellow Bitcoin emoji. Dorsey’s step was seen as a major one such that there was a huge industry-wide joke on Twitter which mocked ETH and other cryptos for not getting their own emojis.

Why the native token of the Crypto.com platform was assigned an emoji remains unclear, but based on speculation by some Redditors, the firm might have paid for it as a means to market itself.

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Source: Cryptopress.

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