CryptoSnoos: Reddit’s Crypto NFT Integration Still in Test

Reddit continues its integration of CryptoSnoos, a collection of four NFT avatars, on its platform. The Ethereum-based NFTs were each auctioned for up to $400,000 to be used as Reddit avatars. One of Reddit’s NFT avatars still sees activity, despite its initial introduction in June 2021.

The continued scarcity of these collectibles suggests that Reddit may still be testing this integration before producing more avatars or allowing users to mint and use their own NFTs on the platform.

Redditors with any of the CryptoSnoos are still able to display them on their profile. Also, this means that Redditors can’t use their own NFTs as avatars. So, if none of the four collectibles is available, a Redditor must use a provided JPEG.

CryptoSnoos: What are They?

The CryptoSnoos collection features Reddit’s alien mascot, Snoo. OpenSea writes that the collection (re)imagines Snoo in “different moments and movements in art history.” The four NFTs in the collection are: Stardust; inspired by the dazzles of a disco ball and the vivacity of a club. Original Block; a pixelated caricature of the original Snoo. Helium; a blue, sparkling Snoo inspired by the contemporary art movement. Snooprematic; a Snoo in a geometric array of colors. As of writing, the volume of CryptoSnoos traded on Opensea was 507 ETH. 

To display any of the collectibles on their profile, a Redditor will need to connect their Metamask wallet to their Reddit account. The owner of a CryptoSnoo will have the collectible image set as their avatar, the collectible NFT card displayed on their profile, and an animated glow added to their comments.

NFTs: Where Social Media Meets Blockchain

Reddit is not the first social network attempting to integrate NFTs into its platform. In January, Twitter announced a new feature that would allow Twitter Blue subscribers to display Ethereum-based NFTs as profile pictures. 

Shortly after Twitter’s announcement, Reddit made a similar announcement for its platform. However, the announcement received mixed reactions. Many Redditors considered the integration as a gimmick. Also, some worried about the high cost of NFTs, which would limit them from participating in the new Reddit ecosystem. Conversely, other Redditors remained neutral or supported the introduction.  

While the integration of NFTs into social media may be a welcome development, many have privacy concerns. Would users be comfortable displaying their Ethereum address on their social media profiles? Would they want to display their wealth and financial activity to the world? 

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To solve this problem, social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit can go the route of OpenSea. A user’s blockchain address serves as the username and account on OpenSea. By incorporating this, Twitter and Reddit users can easily rename their blockchain-cum-social-media account into a moniker. That is unless they have no problem displaying their Ethereum address on their profile.

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