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CultDAO to Support Anonymous Cyber Warfare Against Oppressive Regimes

The international hacktivist collective known as “Anonymous” is now sourcing funds from the crypto community to help fight Russia and other governments alike. It has partnered with an organization “CultDAO”, which has already agreed to donate 13 ETH to the cause.

Understanding CultDAO

Anonymous announced its support from CultDAO over Twitter on Wednesday. It promised to ramp up its cyber-warfare efforts after declaring war on Russia’s government for invading Ukraine in March. This included allying with CultDAO, which it claims shares “similar conceptions” to anonymous.

Indeed, a look into CultDAO’s manifesto details the revolutionary and political roots of its founder. He claims to have oscillated across the political spectrum in search of “chaos”, and a cause worth fighting for to usher in freedom. Additionally, it contains a foreword from “V” – a transcript of the character’s speech in the movie V for Vendetta.

$CULT is completely decentralized & can fund those causes & revolutionaries which are ordered offline by governments & centralized entities, as we saw in Canada,” stated CultDAO on the partnership.

In February, Canada’s Prime Minister invoked the emergencies act. He followed up by freezing the bank accounts of any found donating to Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy protest. To bypass these restrictions, thousands of donors turned to Bitcoin, which does not require legally-bound financial intermediaries to facilitate transactions.

The founder showed enthusiasm for Bitcoin in his manifesto, calling it the “beginning” of borderless society, and CULT the “end”. CULT token is the tradeable and liquid unit of CultDAO, with which transactions help to fill up its treasury. That treasury’s goal is to donate funds to causes that the top 50 CULT holders voted on to receive.

Cult DAO’s donation will go towards “develop(ing) extremely powerful private and encrypted softwares and buy (virtual) servers to expand operations against oppressive governments around the world.”

Anonymous Supports Bitcoin, Targets Elon

In June of 2021, Anonymous also attacked Tesla Elon Musk after he voiced concern for Bitcoin Mining’s environmental impact. His influence contributed to Bitcoin’s price collapsing at the time. This happened after Musk announced that he would no longer accept the cryptocurrency for car payments.

It is now widely believed that you have been forced to denounce your company’s involvement with Bitcoin in order to keep that green government money flowing into Tesla’s coffers, it said.

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The collective defended Bitcoin’s proof of work mining process, claiming that it can help absorb excess energy from power grids.

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