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DAO Raises $45 million to Free Julian Assange

  • AssangeDAO, a newly founded Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO), has raised funds worth over $45 million in ETH to support the release of Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks,, from prison.
  • More than $20 million has been raised as donations skyrocket as donations skyrocket in the past 24 hours.

Assange’s Case

The inception of AssangeDAO commenced in a Telegram group on the day the United States won an appeal against a British court ruling in December. Julian Assange, the famous founder of WikiLeaks, has been locked up in a London Prison since 2019. While the British mandate has prevented Assange’s extradition to the United States for almost three years, a recent legal victory for the US authorities means Assange could face harsher punishments.

“If extradited to the United States,” reads AssangeDAO’s website, “Julian Assange faces 175 years in prison for publishing truthful information.”

Assange has become a figure of global interest since he published leaked information from US Army Intelligence Analyst Chelsea Manning through Wikileaks. After which,, he hid from the United States under the protection of asylum status in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London before being arrested.

AssangeDAO Donations Pour in

Donations to AssangeDAO’s crowdfund began on February 3, 2022, on Juicebox.  According to the DAO’s official website, the mission of the DAO is to “fight for the liberation of Julian Assange.”

The idea is suggested to have been inspired by the FreeRossDAO, which raised about $12 million to free up the founder of the dark web marketplace Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht. As revealed by JuiceBox, the platform raising funds for the project, donations began coming in on Friday and have since significantly increased. At the time of writing, precisely 14,265 ETH has been submitted for Assange’s cause. Going by the current ETH price, the total funds generated would be worth approximately 45.3 million USD.

The numbers become even more impressive considering the amount raised within the past day. While generated funds totaled 8274 ETH (~$25 million) at 19:15 UTC yesterday, donations have almost doubled at writing.

As a result, the ongoing fundraise officially makes it the largest JuiceBox Ether raise recorded, surpassing the “ConstitutionDAO.” ConstitutionDAO was established to purchase an original copy of the US Constitution, raising a total of 11,613 ETH in November.

According to AssangeDAO’s website, proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to fight for the freedom of Julian Assange. 

“Proceeds raised from the NFT sale will benefit Julian Assange’s defense fund for legal fees and campaigning to raise awareness about Julian’s extradition case,” reads the website.   Furthermore, AssangeDAO contributors will receive a JUSTICE governance token, giving them power over the future direction of the DAO. 

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Julian Assange, who has grown as an icon of free speech over the years, remains held in London’s Belmarsh jail at present.

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