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Defi Yield Protocol (DYP) Rebrands to Dypius to Focus on the Metaverse

The Defi Yield Protocol (DYP) platform has rebranded to “Dypius” to reflect its expanded product suite beyond decentralized finance. 

The team is now working on developing the Dypius metaverse, which will enable special features for owners of the company’s native NFT collection. 

  • As revealed in a press release shared with CryptoAdventure, the metaverse will feature play-to-earn game letting players use their Cats and Watches Society (CAWS) NFTs as companions. Those NFTs can allow users to check their crypto portfolios in-game. 
  • The CAWS collection launched in April and is a series of 10,000 cat-based cat-based interactive NFTs circulating on the Ethereum blockchain. Dypius (then known as DYP) introduced the CAWS staking pool in May, which offered 50% APY at the time.
  • Other elements of the metaverse will include real-time user interactions and user customization. 
  • DYP founder Mihai Busica said on the rebranding to Dypius:

I am extremely proud of our expert team’s dedication and the project’s journey from a simple protocol to an advanced decentralized ecosystem. I urge our users to enjoy exploring our ecosystem and embrace each opportunity.

  • “Dypius”, according to the team, is a suffix for the nebulae in the galaxy. Nebulas are clumps of gas dust, and other materials that group to form planets, stars, and other planetary objects. 
  • Defi Yield Protocol’s former product lineup was focused on earning opportunities in Defi, such as staking and yield farming across multiple blockchains
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More recently, the team has expanded into the NFT, metaverse, and play-to-earn spheres. Lastly, in June, it announced the first gamefi experience utilizing CAWS NFTs.

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