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Defi Yield Protocol Launches GameFi Adventure Utilizing CAWS NFTs

Defi Yield Protocol (DYP) – a yield farming aggregator platform – has opened its GameFi adventure experience “CAWS Adventures” to its users. NFT holders may now connect their wallets and begin playing right away.

According to an announcement from DYP on Tuesday, users must hold a CAWS NFT if they wish to play.

  • The game’s site already features 10 levels for CAWS holders to play in, and a leaderboard of the highest-scoring wallet addresses.
  • CAWS (Cats and Watches Society) is a new NFT collection from DYP featuring randomly generated cats with 200+ attributes. They also include unique watch preferences, personalities, expressions, and outfits.
  • As previously announced, these NFTs will interact with their owners in the newly announced P2E game through sounds and animations. Meanwhile, DYP and iDYP tokens may be used to purchase in-game items and boost pets’ energy levels, respectively.
  • As of Saturday, all 10,000 NFTs in the CAWS collection had been minted. The cost of minting was 0.08 ETH each – which is technically cheaper with the recent downfall in ETH’s price.
  • With minting finished, DYP announced that it would begin working on various “campaigns” so that holders could enjoy their benefits.
  • To that end, the team has scheduled to take a snapshot of the Ethereum blockchain on June 1st. This is to verify all rightful CAWS holders and stakers at the time.
DeFi Yield Protocol live price
DeFi Yield Protocol
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Moreover, the DYP team has also launched a new version of their website: an easier and more interactive way to stay connected to their platform.

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