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Developers Make First Offline DOGE Transaction with Doge Radio

The Doge foundation recently marked a momentous time in history, setting a new record that could set a precedent for other coins.

The Doge team has now made the first dogecoin transaction without the use of the modern internet. After having rumored the development for a while, the team finally leveraged SpaceX Starlink. In a tweet yesterday, Doge coin Programmer, Michi Lumin, shared that he sent 4.2069 Dogecoins using “Doge Radio.” According to him, there were two others receiving his DOGE 810 miles away. 

The transaction was completed using only C-library Libdogecoin, and radio. Before a final transfer to the receiving mainnet through Starlink. 

To complete the transaction, RadioDoge employs an inexpensive radio tech (HF/LoRaWAN). The novel tech collaborates with the universal starlink satellite web to provide affordable, wide-spread access to the first memecoin. RadioDoge is designed for the benefit of persons who exist without a regular internet framework.

Despite how impressive it is, Lumin is not the first to complete a transaction with radio. Other individuals have also been able to send Bitcoin outside the internet before. Most people using this road take advantage of inventions such as mesh networking, portable antennas and non-professional radio apparatus.

Dogecoin to Become the World’s De-facto Crypto?

For what started as a joke, the leading memecoin is fast becoming a force in its own right. The next few years might just be a fairy tale for underdog Doge. At least, it is what its foundation sees. 

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According to the Doge Foundation, it hopes to see the memecoin become the real global currency for transactions of casual goods. It has begun work on some blueprints to ready the Dogecoin Ecosystem for swift adoption at the grassroots. The Foundation notes that over 1.7 billion people remain without banks globally. As a result, the unbanked pool is one target audience Doge plans to leverage. And its ability to work without the conventional internet could help in these regions without proper internet or financial structures.

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