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MyCointainer is a masternode & staking solution, designed especially for newcomers to enable easy access to the crypto world. MyCointainer is regulated by FUI to provide services of exchanging virtual currency against Fiat and wallet management.
Staking is a popular expression in the cryptocurrency world. A common feature of several cryptocurrencies is the concept of staking, which allows users to receive incentives for verifying transactions. (or, simply, Stakin) is a popular choice among crypto-staking enthusiasts.
Blockdaemon is a popular choice for anyone wishing to merge the benefits of modern staking with scalability possibilities. As a major independent blockchain node infrastructure, Blockdaemon provides high-level security and monitoring for staking, scaling, and delegating.
Figment’s goal is to boost the use of Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains in the future generation of the internet. Investors may assist in protecting the blockchain and earning a return on their investments, thanks to the team’s efforts. Using Figment’s protocols, token holders may study and monitor their tokens and make educated decisions. Figment aims to be a catalyst for Web3 innovation and growth.
P2P Validator
P2P Validator is a popular non-custodial staking pool that allows users to combine their crypto and split the rewards. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and a wide selection of stakable coins.
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Coinstats Trackers
CoinStats mobile app is an application for tracking bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolios. It gives you real-time prices for more than 8,000 digital assets from 250 crypto exchanges.CoinStats also allows users to track their crypto wallets in real-time by syncing live with various popular exchanges and wallets.
CryptoView is a cryptocurrency portfolio manager and multi-exchange trading platform. It is a feature-rich platform providing first-class services. CryptoView uses enterprise-grade security standards allowing you to trade with the assurance that your data and API keys are secure. It also acts as a multi-source news aggregator – access news feed from major media outlets also customize it to your preferences
Crypto Pro is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency tracking app specially designed for Apple Products. Specifically, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch users gain the ability to simplify the most common trading activities using this platform. The tracker allows you to monitor your portfolio with ease and make trades directly from the interface.
Delta App
Since its inception in 20017, the Delta app has gained in popularity. The following features make it an outstanding product. It enables automatic tracking of exchange fees, transactions, and airdrops. Users of the free version are allowed to connect and auto-synchronize between two devices.
Pionex Tracker
Pionex is ideal for beginner crypto traders because it does most of the work for them. Also, it provides them with a versatile offer of trading tools, such as spot-futures arbitrage, grid trading, leveraged grid, DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging), and rebalancing, among others. Additionally, it has a Smart Trade terminal enabling traders to set up stop-loss, take profit, and trailing in one trade.


OpenSea MetaMask Coinbase NFT Marketplace
Home to one of the first NFT marketplace trades, OpenSea allows you to sell, buy and create your own non-fungible tokens. Launched in 2017, the platform operates on a decentralized basis allowing users total control of their wallets, addresses, and assets. OpenSea offers a wide selection of categories, including art, sports, works of famous artists, and collectible cards. The NFT pieces can be either traded through an auction or purchased at the highest price instantly. The marketplace protocol supports Polygon, Ethereum, Klaytn blockchains, and several popular wallets, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Portis, and mobile versions of Trust and OperaTouch wallets.
One of the absolute leaders in the NFT industry, with nearly 7 thousand daily sales and a daily trading volume of more than 50 thousand SOL. Solanart runs on the Solana network, home to dozens of projects, including several other NFT marketplaces. To start interacting with Solanart, one simply needs to connect a compatible wallet - Trust or Phantom. Transactions are executed at comparatively low gas fees, which opens up seamless access to NFT collectibles for a greater amount of users. Solanart hosts various NFT projects - SolPunks, SolBears, Galactic Geckos, Degenerate Ape Academy among them. Digital artworks, united into collections, are authenticity-certified and safely stored on the Solana blockchain.
Coinbase NFT Marketplace
Coinbase NFT is a brand-new NFT trading platform, built on the USA’s largest cryptocurrency exchange - Coinbase. The marketplace has caught the attention of more than 25 million users prior to the official launch at the end of 2021. The Coinbase NFT marketplace is expected to surpass the native platform’s cryptocurrency trading in terms of liquidity and volume. Coinbase NFT allows users to trade, mint, and collect NFT artworks. The platform aims to implement social features and to become a crypto-world alternative to Instagram, where users will be able to earn by posting content on the platform. Tapping into social networking will help discover new NFT contributors and art pieces, created and published by users in the ecosystem.
This open-source marketplace for NFT trading and minting has seen the world in 2020. With a set of several unique tools and a simplified interface, Rarible extends its functionality to allow users to not only buy and sell collectible NFT items but to create their own NFTs in a few clicks without the need for coding knowledge and other programming skills. These artworks can be certified and protected as intellectual property through the platform's Proof of Origin mechanism. As a non-custodial space, Rarible exercises no control over one’s assets, allowing for reliable, low-cost peer-to-peer NFT trading. All the marketplace action is carried out with the use of Ether (ETH), which can be stored in one of the 6 platform-compatible wallets.
One of the largest and fastest-growing NFT art platforms built on the Ethereum blockchain, KnownOrigin, aims to facilitate the processes of authentication, exhibition, and trading of digital artworks for any creator. Plus, it only takes an application for an artist account approval to become one. Another distinguishing trademark is the Blog section, where the platform’s news and recent updates are published, as well as the Hall of Fame, where the most successful artists and their works are displayed. Anyone can access KnownOrigin through Metamask wallet and no registration is required. Digital artwork display is free too, the platform will only charge a 15% commission on the first sale.