Disney’s Search for NFT Experts Sparks Metaverse Talks

Rumors of a Disney Metaverse have seen the giant entertainment company searching for top-tier talents with NFT knowledge.

Disney is worth about $95 billion and boasts millions of viewers worldwide. Now, it is allegedly preparing a future metaverse for its fans. This is not surprising, considering its recently recurrent ads for job positions. Additionally, comments from the company’s former chairman, Bob Iger, have helped stir these speculations.

NFT Job Ads at Disney

A quick search for NFT positions on Disney’s official career page yields four results. They all date within three months, and position experience with NFTs as the first requirement.

The most recent NFT-related job position, “Manager, Business Development,” dates January 30, 2022. Like the three prior ads, it requires applicants with “knowledge and passion for NFT developments” immediately. This flurry of posts and their consistency in popping up over the past weeks might hint at Disney’s more extensive plans.

The first ad for an NFT-related job at Disney is from November 2021. Next, the company opened a position for “Culture Trend Marketing Manager” for Hulu, a subsidiary of Disney. The person occupying it should help attract younger audiences who “consume content in less traditional ways” to Hulu. At the time of writing, this position is still vacant.

Also, in that post, Hulu said it would like to “break” into spaces like NFTs, Gaming, Crypto, and the Metaverse.

Four weeks after the initial NFT job post, three other ones followed. Disney’s most recent metaverse-related job ad is the Manager of Business Development. This position should lead Disney’s efforts into the non-fungible token space and to “monitor the evolving NFT marketplace.”

Disney Metaverse Links

Some days ago, ex-chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, described the company’s NFT possibilities as “extraordinary.” In an interview with the New York Times, he enthused that Disney offers incredible opportunities for the NFT marketplace. Furthermore, it could support the development of the future metaverse industry.

The entertainment company holds the Marvel Universe’s rights and large franchises like Pixar and Star Wars. According to Bob Iger, the brand’s popularity puts Disney in pole position in a potential competition between metaverses.

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Lastly, considering Disney’s potential impact in the NFT space, we could see more similar job vacancies popping up in the future.

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