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Divi Project: Bringing You Closer to a World-Class Financial System

Before Bitcoin, the financial systems have been the heart of global economics and markets. Almost every financial decision could start, go via or end in one of the financial system’s entities. However, with the numerous perquisites of blockchain technology, folks have begun to realize the system’s loopholes up to the point that it’s now called a traditional finance system. So, if that’s traditional, what does the modern financial system entail? Well, that’s where Divi comes in. 

Divi is a project that’s at the forefront of realizing the digital currency future by bringing a global, modernized, frictionless financial ecosystem to users. Unlike traditional banks, where users can find challenges in accessing financial services, Divi plans on democratizing finance for people everywhere through its plethora of products and services. 

The Divi platform is designed to overcome the biggest inhibitors to mass adoption of cryptocurrency – usability, and accessibility. Incorporating both fiat and several different cryptocurrencies, with users’ ability to set up a bank account and a debit card to spend in the real world, Divi makes it easy for users to move between the traditional and digital economies seamlessly.

Since its launch in 2017, the project has earned its place in the market by achieving some remarkable milestones. For instance, according to Omni’s Trust OAG ratings, Divi ranks in third place, competing with bigwigs such as PIVX and Dash. Another landmark can be evinced in the Token Tank contest when Divi also came in third.

Moreover, Divi’s mobile wallet plans to support instrumental features such as ACH banking, third-party engagements with SDK, and earning opportunities. Nonetheless, the network also has a lottery reward system every week by generating the rewards through blocks.

Let’s take a gander at the features that make up the entire Divi protocol in detail.

DIVI Coin Stats

Divi was originally an ERC-20 token (DIVX), released through Ethereum’s blockchain at an ICO event in 2017. Fast forward to 2018, Divi founded its blockchain network, which saw them swap from the original DIVX ERC-20 token to the current DIVI coin. 

During that time, a single DIVX was swapped for 100 DIVI coins to move to a newly formed ecosystem. The genesis phase released 617,160,700 DIVI, distributed across the market. As a result, the DIVI coin’s circulation is determined by the governance system as new coins are minted with every block. 

On the other hand, minting started by generating 1250 coins per block; this number is set to decrease by 100 coins. The last minting procedure should be in 2029, where 250 coins will be generated for every block. 

Rewards emanating from the blocks are then evenly distributed as follows;

Divi Nodes (masternodes) accommodate 45%. Divi stakers take up 38%, marketing and development treasury receive 9%, the exchange and liquidity treasury acquire 7%, and the remaining 1% goes to charity. 

At the time of writing, the DIVI coin is valued at $0.03620 with a market cap of $78,126,219. As a currency, DIVI can purchase goods and services from online outlets that employ the CoinPayments platform. As an overall mission, the Divi coin is built to benefit anyone looking forward to utilizing it as a regular digital currency. 

A Governance System

The Divi project is a fully decentralized network running an autonomous organization structure. In essence, the system is not owned by anyone. Instead, the entire community is responsible for governing it. This is possible through staking and running a Divi Node, which secures the network.

Staking and its Rewards

In a bid to utilize a less labor-intensive method of completing transaction operations than those used in Proof of Work, Divi’s Proof of Stake consensus sees users earn rewards from validating transactions through staking. Divi adopts the same concept whereby wallet nodes receive a payment of 456 DIVI for every block minted. 

The rewards provide an incentivized environment in that staking wallets will receive an income for securing Divi through transaction validation. The good news is that the staking venture is automated; therefore, what all stakers need to do is to make sure the staking wallet amount remains unlocked along with a sufficient and readily available internet connection. 

To participate in staking, a minimum of 10,000 DIVI is required. The coin age methodology is adopted by Divi Project, which elaborates the relationship between stakes and the staking periods. Staking rewards are not realized instantly; thus, Divi stresses the need for a longer staking time to make lucrative incomes.

Divi Nodes – Masternode Services

Divi users can run full masternodes through their respective Divi wallets; meanwhile, Divi Nodes ensure the platform’s safety by hosting a copy of Divi’s blockchain. All in all, Divi offers a tiered system with five levels of masternodes available. 

Each tier contains different collateral prices, starting with the lowest level, Copper for 100,000 DIVI, and ranging to the highest, Diamond for a cost of 10,000,000 DIVI. The different tiers offer increasing bonuses ranging from 21.5% to 25.8% APR. 

Through the Masternode One-Click Cloud Install, users are guaranteed an easy way to set up their masternodes using a single click. The MOCCI technology is highly functional, and any user can install the masternode service on their computer devices or, better still, via cloud installation.

Masternode holders will be able to exercise their governance rights by voting on various implementations and developments that will benefit Divi in the long run. A Divi Node calculator is in place to determine an approximate amount of earnings the full nodes will garner. 

Lottery Block Rewards

A total of eleven lucky winners stand a chance of walking away with a weekly lottery reward, all thanks to the Lottery block criteria. The random selection of winners is determined by blocks, different criteria from the regular lottery generating numbers. 

Moreover, the lottery cycle is another factor that fuels the start of a new lottery. Scores are computed using a unique formula: the hash of the previous lottery and transferred after that to CBlockIndex and the 11 winners. Once the lottery cycle is over (after every 10,080 blocks), the blockchain network’s validators remunerate the new winners. 

All Divi holders owning more than 10,000 DIVI and are participating in staking may participate in the lottery reward system. The lottery funds cost 50 coins and are derived from every block. Usually, the largest hash secures 252,000 DIVI, while the other ten winners receive 25,200 DIVI each.

Desktop Wallet

The Divi desktop wallet was released in 2018 and designed with an easy-to-use format allowing users to send/receive DIVI coins, store, and earn through staking or masternode services. Setting up and operating a masternode is just a click away with Divi’s patent-pending Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer (MOCCI), ensuring anyone can set up regardless of technical ability and run a Divi Node in moments.

Mobile Wallet: Expected Projections

Divi’s goal of creating accessibility and usability of cryptocurrency is one step closer to its new mobile wallet’s imminent release. Its best-in-class user experience pushes the blockchain to the background, creating a familiar and naturally intuitive experience for users without compromising security and custodianship. 

Launching with four cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and DIVI and fiat currencies, Divi intends to expand the digital and local currencies available quickly. Users will be able to send and receive, set up a mobile MOCCI, and stake at launch with a comprehensive list of features such as the ability to move between fiat and cryptocurrency regularly released across 2021.

Divi has partnered with a top-tier US-based financial institution, ensuring its users seamlessly use banking services alongside crypto-specific features such as crypto swapping and earning with staking and Divi Nodes. Furthermore, the wallet will offer a debit or credit card for easy purchasing. 

The new wallet welcomes a new era of financial freedom for users as they consolidate their myriad of finance apps into one non-custodial offering.

Other Projects

Asides from reimagining finance, Divi is also creating an interactive community-based ecosystem. Many initiatives that use the Divi platform and currency are being developed worldwide, spanning entertainment to energy and everything in between.

  • LightningWorks

Operating as a digital media company, LightningWorks presents rare animated comic books on a blockchain network. Currently, close to seven stories are underway involving some prominent DC and Marvel names in the industry. LightningWorks will add a comic viewer app and a creator app to generate the comics according to this advancement. To add more, artists can harness LightningWorks to develop their artwork contents.

  • Permatek

The Permatek project is aiming to create a nomadic space and hotel powered by crypto. At Permatek, guests will pay for services from food, recreational activities, or lodging services in Divi or other accepted cryptocurrencies. 

The hotel is currently under construction at the Rancho Delicioso village in Costa Rica. It will be established on a recycled container measuring twelve 40-foot, with a 40-foot high deck view.

  • Maya Energy

Maya Energy is a development plan for Africa’s remote areas to establish 20-foot containers. There will be water purifiers, cell phone towers, and charging stations under these containers. Divi will be the primary payment option once these infrastructures are developed and sold to the region.


Divi’s plans to revolutionize the financial sector by removing crypto adoption barriers. Their new mobile wallet focussed on usability will ensure people of all technical abilities can gain access to the world of cryptocurrency. Earning opportunities through staking and Divi Nodes offers investors the opportunity to maximize their profits with some of the industry’s highest returns. 

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Divi is ready for the financial sector; even though it still keeps in touch with the traditional system, there is a guarantee that the blockchain-based platform has more than enough to offer to the financial world. While their ultimate goal of global adoption will not happen overnight, there is a definite indication that the Divi Project is well on the way to changing the perception some people still have towards cryptocurrencies

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