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DollarMoon – A New Ecosystem Revolving Around Passive Income

Over the last few years, the crypto community has observed many trends and technological revolutions in the market. Project after project, plans and ideas came to life, some making a great impact in the market.

Today we’ll look into DollarMoon, a project proposing its recipe to go to the moon,” as mentioned on its website. DollarMoon is a crypto ecosystem backed by features and technologies that we’ll review today for you.

What Is DollarMoon?

DollarMoon is a deflationary cryptocurrency that seeks to revolutionize the way passive income opportunities happen in the crypto world. It relies on the Value Leading System and a currency-burning system designed for the long-term stability of the coin’s value.

The project has set up a system to reward token holders with $BNB coins through each purchase and sale. In this way, passive income opportunities help users keep DollarMoon in their crypto wallets. In addition, the strategy aims to allow them to benefit from the currency’s growth over time.

Which Features Does DollarMoon Leverage?

DollarMoon leverages several features to give users the best experience possible when trading the $DMOON token. This infrastructure aims to provide quick and secure transactions and facilitate a healthy community’s growth.

First, DollarMoon implements strongly deflationary tokenomics, aiming to lift the token’s price on the market. When detailing the team’s token-burning process, we’ll provide more details on this aspect.

Second, this team is transparent regarding its token price targets. As we’ll understand when looking at the roadmap, the DollarMoon team has predetermined steps to ensure users’ profits.

Third, this project’s passive income strategies promise that the holders will always have a reliable source of income. Earning passive income in the crypto sector is a growing trend. In such a context, the team has set this goal at the heart of its mission.

The Token Burning Process

DollarMoon will leverage a double-burn strategy to manage its token supply. This will be a combination of automatic and manual burns.

Specifically, a 3% burn on buy orders and a 4% burn on sell orders will run automatically after each transaction. The manual burns will occur at stages determined by the team to provide maximum value to token holders.

The advantage of designing a double-burn strategy lies in effectively reducing the number of tokens in circulation. Consequently, the system will increase the scarcity and value of Dollarmoon tokens over time.

The ongoing automatic burns are a way to reduce the token supply and maintain deflationary pressure on the currency’s value. The team will study the manual burns before they occur to ensure they increase the value of $DMOON tokens.

By deploying this strategy, the team works to create a stable currency with long-term value backed by their double-burn mechanism.

The Crypto Passive Income Hype

More and more crypto projects are introducing passive income strategies, enabling users to earn rewards without effort. This is a great way to increase the engagement and retention of active users.

Passively earning $BNB tokens can encourage users to hold their funds in DollarMoon for longer periods. This operation aims to create stability for the coin’s value and provide holders with a reliable source of passive income.

Linking rewards to transactions aims to increase asset liquidity, thus helping DollarMoon achieve its goal of going “to the moon.”

The Value Leading System

Another fundamental feature of the project is the Value Leading System. This mechanism intends to ensure that the DollarMoon roadmap creates value for token holders. In addition, this system allows the team to link the project’s progress with the value of DollarMoon tokens.

This operation ensures that each phase of the roadmap gives the community value in terms of token growth. In addition, this system creates a mechanism for the project to progress with assurance and create long-term sustainability for the community members.

This operation aims to increase demand for this token, encouraging more investors to join the team on this journey. Another benefit of the strategy is incentivizing token holders to contribute to the project’s mission. The more people participate and engage with the project, the better results they can get as a collective.

Transaction Tax & Funds Allocation

The team divided the token supply (200 million coins) as follows to ensure the project’s long-term success:

  •     50%: Burn Events
  •     20%: DEX Public Sale
  •     20%: CEX Listing
  •     10%: Team (The founders said they would sell 2 percent during the platform’s final launch to support operations.)

The team has also implemented a transaction tax system whereby each token purchase sees a 12% tax. Its proceeds will go to:

  •     2%: Liquidity
  •     3%: Burning System
  •     2%: $BNB Rewards for Token Holders
  •     5%: Project’s Treasury (this money will help the team develop the project and fund marketing operations)

Token sales will see a higher tax (15%). Taxing sales more than purchases discourages speculation and creates higher rewards for early adopters. The team believes this system is a major step towards equitable token distribution.

The Roadmap for DollarMoon

As mentioned, the team still needs to define its roadmap around dates but on price targets. The first preliminary phase opened with the creation of social media accounts, the smart contract audit, and community building.

At this point, the “first zero kill” stage began with a token-burning event and the launching of new marketing campaigns. Following this, $DMOON launched on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, two of the most popular digital asset tracking sites.

The team is currently in the “second zero kill” phase. After another burning event, the team created global communities to increase its market reach.

Moreover, DollarMoon has planned a third zero-kill stage with a new burning event and the creation of a swap system.

Finally, the team aims to hit 1$ and 10$+ price targets. These milestones will trigger additional burning events, merchandising initiatives, a fashion line launch, and more.

The roadmap for DollarMoon promises great potential as its team continues to develop and grow. With Phase 2 already underway, many investors at this project’s features and progress.

Final Thoughts

DollarMoon offers a new concept for investors looking to diversify their crypto portfolio. The team’s Value Leading System and its focus on creating value for token holders are two essential features.

The transaction tax system creates an incentive structure for early adopters and discourages speculation by taxing sales more than purchases.

Finally, the team’s roadmap is an exciting journey that will see DollarMoon reach its ambitious price targets. The ‘killing zero’ strategy has already shown great promise, and many investors are beginning to take notice of this project.

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You can refer to DollarMoon’s website to stay up-to-date with the project’s progress and learn more about its potential. In addition, the team’s social media platforms (Twitter, Telegram group, and Telegram channel) provide additional insights into the project’s news.

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