Drake Gifts Fellow Rapper Kodak Black With $250,000 In Bitcoin

Superstar Canadian rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham appears to be very generous with his Bitcoin holdings. According to Florida-born rapper Kodak Black, his northern neighbor recently donated him $250k worth of the asset – for seemingly no reason. This comes less than two weeks after Drake won big in Bitcoin bets during the Rams vs Bengals NFL finals.

A Surprise Gift From Drake

Bill Kapri – aka “Kodak Black” – discussed Drake’s surprise gift on an episode of The Breakfast Club on Wednesday. He said he does a lot of things behind the scenes with the rapper, and that he recently sent Kapri a quarter of a million dollars “for no f***ing reason”.

“This n*** text me like ‘You got bitcoin?’ I was like ‘nah.’ He was like ‘Set up a bitcoin then.’ So you know, I’m like, ok, I’m putting two and two together, that’s four, you know what I’m sayin’?”

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Bill Kapri (aka Kodak Black). Source: People Magazine

Drake was persistent in getting Kapri to set up his Bitcoin wallet, which he was highly unfamiliar with. Once set up, Drake asked him to send over his public address, which left Kapri surprised and confused.

Shortly afterward, Drake sent Kapri 6.6 Bitcoin, worth $246,286 at the time of writing. The American rapper said he has plans to hold on to the cryptocurrency long-term and watch its value appreciate over time. Other young rappers to get involved in the crypto game include Eminem and Snoop Dawg – though they showed more interest in NFTs than Bitcoin.

Drake’s Bitcoin Stack

Drake has been found gambling with his Bitcoin on numerous occasions using a cryptocurrency betting site called “Stake”. He’s a high roller, often betting hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time. Still, these bets are only a small dent in his salary amounting to tens of millions of dollars per year. The Canadian sensation has over 53 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and over 100 million Instagram followers.

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Aubrey “Drake” Graham. Source: CBC

One of his most notable Bitcoin bets took place during this months’ Superbowl when he placed three separate six-figure bets on the Rams’ success over the Bengals. He made two correct calls: that the Rams would win, and that their Bitcoin-loving wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. would score a touchdown.

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However, his final bet that Beckham would score 62.5 receiving yards fell short, due to the player becoming injured mid-game. Still, Drake’s final payout came out to about $381,000, based on numbers given from his Instagram.

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