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Dypius Announces Live Testing for Metaverse Game With $50k in Prizes

Dypius – formerly DeFi Yield Protocol – will soon launch live user testing for its interactive Metaverse game. 

Participating players will be eligible for guaranteed rewards and additional prizes, worth $50,000 in total. 

  • As Dypius announced on Friday, anyone is eligible to apply for the game’s whitelist. However, only 500 users across the Ethereum, Avalanche, and BNB Chain networks will get to participate in testing.
  • Specifically, Dypius will select 100 new players to test the game and provide feedback every week, over the next five weeks. 
  • Each of those users will receive $50 in guaranteed rewards for their feedback and involvement, cumulatively worth $25,000. Meanwhile, another $25,000 will be dished out through “hidden extra benefits” and airdrops to randomly selected wallets. Rewards will be paid in each respective player’s currency.
  • To earn rewards, players must provide feedback within the official Dypius Discord channel. Dypius will provide updates improving the game as testing is ongoing. 
  • “Tests must be performed at different stages of production, and the results must determine if the product is viable,” explained Dypius. “Live testing implies working with potential future users, and they offer the best feedback.”
  • The Dypius metaverse, announced in June, is a play-to-earn adventure game allowing players to interact with their Cats and Watches Society (CAWS) NFTs. Users can utilize those NFTs to check their crypto portfolios in game. 
  • Dypius rebranded away from “DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP)” earlier this month to reflect its greater focus on the metaverse, rather than just DeFi products. 
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Other popular play-to-earn games to emerge in 2021, like Axie Infinity, have plummeted in popularity since 2021, trading 95% from it’s all time high. DYP has fallen a comparable 96% from its highs earlier that year.

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