Elon Debunks Shatner’s Claims That He’s Building on the Ethereum Blockchain

On July 2, 2020, The CEO of SpaceX as well as Tesla, Elon Musk, brushed off rumors surrounding his involvement with the Ethereum blockchain. 

Canadian actor, William Shatner, had taken to twitter to indicate collaboration between the creator of the Ethereum network, Vitalik Buterin, and Elon Musk over a year ago.

In his tweet on May 10, 2019, Shatner started: 

“My friends Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk were trying to decide what to build on ethereum. I’ve been waiting and waiting. I finally decided to do something myself. Join me!”   

The Canadian actor has been exploring the capabilities of blockchain tech for quite some time now and even went on to tokenize his memorabilia on the WAX blockchain. 

After over a year, the Tesla CEO decided to respond to Shatner’s tweet, where he denied building anything on Ethereum. 

The remark came as a big shock to the ETH community as several users started sharing their sentiments on the comment section. 

While a few members suggested the topic of yield farming to Musk, others took the opportunity to pitch their favorite crypto use cases to the Tesla CEO.

Musk Neither Here nor There on Crypto

Elon Musk has never held back on making his opinions known on social media. He has in the past touched on crypto, admitting that he thinks Dogecoin is “cool” and that the community is impressive.

However, Musk has also sent mixed signals when it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Not too long ago, he appeared on a Tesla Podcast and claimed that he is “neither here nor there on Bitcoin.”

With today’s comment about him not building anything in ETH, some pointed to a tweet Musk posted in April 2019 where he simply wrote “Ethereum”, generating excitement in the crypto community. 

However, shattering the crypto community’s hope even further, Musk suggested that he was joking about the Ethereum comment. 

That said, a few months back when the author of Harry Potter, JK Rowling seemed to be interested in Bitcoin, Musk revealed that he had in possession just 0.25 BTC, which at the time translated to the billionaire owning just 2,267.42 USD.

Despite revealing that he views Bitcoin as a medium for illegal transactions, he suggested that the Bitcoin whitepaper conveyed by Satoshi Nakamoto was “pretty clever.”

There Are Noticeable Firms Working on the ETH Blockchain

While Musk may not be on board with ETH, there are many prominent startups and entrepreneurs that are.

Adam Cochran, a partner at Metacartel Ventures, recently observed that Fortune 500 companies are showing interest in Ethereum. After observing the top 10K ETH wallets (by holding size), he concluded:

 “Wallets associated with major players such as JPMorgan Chase, Reddit, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Walmart [are accumulating ETH].”

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Similarly, top auditor Ernst & Young (EY) has come up with an interesting tech called “Nightfall,” which aims to make Ethereum-based transactions more private so as to theoretically lure more corporations to leverage the blockchain.

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