EOS Parent Company to Launch Voice Platform Earlier Than Announced

Last year, EOS parent firm Block.one announced its plans to come up with a blockchain-based social media platform known as Voice. Block.one claimed that it will utilize the EOS blockchain for the platform to make its operation transparent, in the absence of secret algorithms or mechanisms that push content of which the user is unaware.

However, the platform’s launch will happen earlier than anticipated as Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo said it will be available to readers on July 4, instead of the previous autumn launch date.

Zalatimo revealed the new development via Twitter on June 6, noting that the social media platform will be open to readers on U.S. Independence Day, but only registered users can publish content or engage online.

“We pivoted, and decided to open up our platform for readers on July 4. Only registered user will be able publish or engage. Registration will remain by request until August 15, when users can begin to invite their friends. If you feel like the world needs a social media platform that doesn’t play politics, empowers communities, and respects your data, please join us and help create social as it should be”

Block.One announced in a blog post published by the project on December 5 that it will launch in beta on Feb. 14, 2020 and had been testing the platform since the said date. The CEO said registration would remain on request until August 15, when Voice users can begin to invite friends.

So far since the firm announced its plans to develop the platform, it has invested $100 million in cash, $50 million in intellectual property, and bought the domain name voice.com for $30 million.

Nonetheless, despite the platform being a cryptocurrency-powered platform, people have been criticizing the project regarding privacy issues. There will be verification of the members’ identities, with some meta data utilized in preventing and detecting crime.

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Source: CryptoPress.

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