Estonia And Colombia Host Bitcoin (BTC) Whitepaper on Government Sites

After Craig Wright demanded that two sites remove the Bitcoin (BTC) whitepaper, the backlash has been massive. Several governments, including Estonia and Colombia, are now hosting the whitepaper document on their websites.

Major Controversy In The Crypto Space Regarding Bitcoin’s Whitepaper

Last week, Craig Wright, with his lawyers’ help, demanded that Bitcoin.org and Bitcoincore.org stop hosting the Bitcoin whitepaper on their sites. Wright, one of the earliest Bitcoin pioneers, claims to be the infamous founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto without tangible proof.

In his suit, Wright alleged copyright infringement of the Bitcoin whitepaper by the two popular crypto websites. The contributors of Bitcoincore.org gave in, while those of Bitcoin.org did not waver in the face of this demand. Once the demand’s news got out, it led to a major backlash from the crypto community.

Several key developers of Bitcoin called on the community to host the Bitcoin whitepaper on different platforms. Like that, many companies like Square and Coin Center decided to host the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Estonia And Colombia Join Movement Against Craig Wright

The movement has continued to gain momentum that several governments, including Estonia and Colombia, have joined. Since January 26, Estonia has hosted the Bitcoin whitepaper on its site dedicated to e-residency.  The European nation revealed that it was pleased to retain the original whitepaper of Bitcoin on its website.

“We are pleased to retain the original Bitcoin whitepaper here on our website as an inspiration for future innovators looking to understand how to use blockchain technology to facilitate cross-border commerce and other applications,” the government site.

Meanwhile, Colombia hosted the Bitcoin whitepaper on its official government website. This is an unprecedented move by these nations and shows the growing support for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies globally.

Bitcoin Whitepaper Is A Symbolic Document

Bitcoin’s whitepaper is regarded as a symbolic document within the entire cryptocurrency industry. This is because it sparked the multibillion-dollar industry that has revolutionized the financial sector.

Craig Wright’s request was always going to be met with opposition since many consider him a fraud for his claims. As one of the contributors on Bitcoin.org pointed out, Wright’s request is without merit due to where it was initially published. The original Bitcoin files were released under the MIT license, a software license for free and open-source programs.

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Craig Wright cannot claim any rights to the famous documents since he cannot prove that he was the creator. Nevertheless, several governments are now hosting the Bitcoin whitepaper is a major victory for the crypto space.

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