Ethereum-backed Shortage.Finance Rewards HODLers

Shortage.Finance is an advanced safe asset. The network leverages Ethereum and proprietary intelligent contracts as its primary backing. The project’s goal is to provide the DeFi community with a HODL-centric alternative. Specifically, the program improves the store of value aspects of cryptocurrencies and builds user confidence.

Safe Assets vs Stablecoins

Safe assets differ from stablecoins in a couple of different ways. Primarily, stablecoins derive value from a pegged asset or assets. They can also integrate smart contracts to improve these processes and transparency. Safe investments are very similar, with the main difference being that they utilize intelligent contracts and basic financial principles to improve the value of digital assets over time. As such, safe assets are ideal for those seeking out appreciating options.

How Does Shortage.Finance Work?

Shortage.Finance leverages the security and proven track record of Ethereum with a flexible supply. The system reduces the network tokens supply (RTG) while increasing the ETH treasury. These actions drive values higher as its backing continuously increases. The project’s goal is to ensure that the ETH backing will always cover the total circulating supply available on the market and slowly increase in value. This HODL centric approach best rewards long-time investors.

RTG/ Ethereum

The network integrates a 10% fee on all RTG/ETH transactions. This fee structure serves multiple purposes. First, the system is set up to take 50% of the costs and burn them. Then, the other 50% get redistributed to RTG holders.

Also, a portion of the transaction fee gets burned when someone purchases or sells the RTG token on Uniswap. Best of all, these rewards come directly and don’t require you to take any additional actions.

Shortage.Finance introduces a unique mechanism that balances out the value of its tokens. Every RTG bought from Uniswap is replaced by ETH in the pool. Additionally, there is a percentage of these deposited ETH that becomes locked. This strategy ensures that there’s always enough ETH to cover the amount of RTG in circulation. Slowly, more ETH is added to the pool as part of this strategy.

What Advantages Does Shortage.Finance Bring to the Market?

Shortage.Finance brings a lot of advantages to the market. It operates as a fully decentralized protocol. The network’s developers have called the platform “complete at launch”. This designation means no centralised developers can block or censor your actions on the web. It operates as pure code, which eliminates the use of gatekeepers. It also opens up the door for international users regardless of their location.

Easy On-Boarding

It was crucial to Shortage.Finance’s developers to make the platform simple enough that anyone could use it. The team made sure that all features were easily accessible via the network interface to accomplish this task. Notably, you need to set the slippage at 12% to complete RTG trades.

Unique Market Approach

One of the most incredible things about Shortage.Finance focuses on making the entire system operate without any human intervention. Even the token launch ensures decentralization. Notably, there will be no official presale for Shortage.Finance. Additionally, the network intends to take a grassroots approach to the market.

Developers envision network participants taking the lead in these matters. They encourage all members to configure paid campaigns, introduce the project to friends via social media, share their experience via blogs, and earn rewards.

Liquidity Lock

Notably, as part of the protocol’s value control mechanisms, the system leverages a liquidity lock. The developers have chosen to lock up half of the overall supply indefinitely. The remaining 50% of the token supply is designed to be burnt over time. This will increase scarcity and drive demand for RTG as more users join the network.


Shortage.Finance users enjoy an easy onboarding experience. The network enables anyone with an ERC-20 compatible wallet such as MetaMask. The system can also work directly with Coinbase, Binance, Bitfinex, and other top-performing CEXs (centralized exchanges) to streamline HODLing.

Shortage.Finance Features

There are some excellent features of Shortage.Finance brings to the market. For one, it leverages
Ethereum’s top-notch security and decentralization. Additionally, it’s wise to recall that Ethereum is in the midst of a significant upgrade that will improve the network’s performance and functionality. This added usability should drive ETH’s price up as well. In turn, RTG will enjoy appreciation.


The RTG token is the leading utility token for the Shortage.Finance ecosystem. This ERC-20 token has a capped supply of 2 billion RTG. The token serves a variety of roles within the system. For example, it can send value internationally in a streamlined manner. However, its primary purpose it enables users to access Shortage.Finance’s wealth generation systems.


You can stake RTG tokens to secure passive rewards. Staking is an excellent way for new users to ensure passive rewards without giving up ownership of their crypto. Staking RTG is an easy process, and your rewards are based on the number of tokens you lock up. As such, staking is more accessible than trading and requires a lot less effort to secure consistent returns.

Shortage.Finance – Improving the HODL Game

Ethereum live price
price change

Those who HODL their crypto are sure to enjoy the added features that Shortage.Finance brings to the table. For example, the unique Ethereum token backing system provides RTG holders with more store-of-value (SoV) characteristics. In addition, the simplicity of the network and its profit-generating capabilities make it a wise platform to check out. You can find more information on Shortage.Finance here.

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