Ethereum Bug on Its Old Client Geth Leads to A Fork

Ethereum’s top software client, Geth, suffered an EVM bug attack affecting over half of its older nodes. This attack further led to a split on the chain, forming a fork. According to the report released on Go Ethereum GitHub on Tuesday, Geth v1.10.8 would be the hotfix to deal with the bug attack.

As per statistics from Ethernodes, Geth runs approximately 75% of Ethereum nodes. The number makes up for at least 54% of Ethereum nodes affected by the EVM bug. A Twitter post confirmed that a good number of miners became aware on time and updated to v1.10.8. The fork dubbed canon chain is currently longer than the faulty Geth chain. The network advisably requires all nodes to update as soon as possible.

Additionally, the update will prevent the vulnerability from disabling nodes’ block mining power on the chain. The new version includes a patch but does not explain in depth the fix. As per the report, the chain will address this later to give downstream projects and all nodes the space to update to Geth v1.10.8.

Developer Guido Vranken Points out Vulnerability

There are still concerns on whether the blockchain is safe enough, with some users complaining of daily issues. However, the bug attack does not seem to have impacted the chain severely despite its severity level.

Guido Vranken was responsible for finding the bug, ranking it as a high severity security issue. Guido is an auditor working with Sentnl auditing firm, which conducted an audit on the Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine, pointing out the security flaw. Telos’s report hails the Ethereum team for dealing with the glitch as soon as possible through the hotfix patch.

Telos Chief Architect Douglas Horn expressed that the blockchain had carefully evaluated Sentnl as the right auditing choice. In his opinion, this move was helpful as Sentnl applied the best testing methods to discover any faults with the EVM. Later, Sentnl’s auditors traced the glitch back to Go Ethereum, which dealt with it accordingly.

Ethereum Takes a Different Approach

The blockchain is avoiding any miscommunication and inconveniences similar to the one from November 2020. During another bugfix on Geth, lack of communication led to a consensus failure and a temporary branch on the blockchain. Therefore, some nodes on the previous Geth version separated from the updated version, hence the consensus issue.

Recognizing the fact that communication breakdown increased the issue, the blockchain explicitly announced its position. The developers stressed the need for all nodes to upgrade their software due to the vulnerability.

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Even though full details are not available yet, this was a better step than the previous hotfix. Furthermore, it will help the chain regain trust from users who did not appreciate its approach last year.

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