update 27 October 2021

Ethereum Classic Exposes The EAgharta Scam

Following the completion of the Ethereum Classic (ETC) hard fork, a scam exploiting users recently got revealed. The ETC development organization addressed the fraud while cautioning people. On the 13th of January, the ETC cooperative tweeted, exposing an alleged scam claiming to be “EAgharta.”

The Agharta fork went live on the 12th of January and improved interoperability with protocol changes introduced to its blockchain through its Constantinople and St Petersburg upgrade in 2019. The scammers behind EAgharta, are trying to use the Agharta hard fork to extort the event and peddle crooked proprietary “Agharta ” coins. However, the ETC Cooperative made it clear that the Agharta hard fork did not involve creating new coins.

ETC Cooperative Cautions against the Scam

The ETC Cooperative uploaded a screenshot of the Twitter handle of  EAgharta and its solicitations to users to safety claim ETH Classic #Agharta (ETC Hard Fork). A website was opened for the scheme and is available on the Twitter Handle.

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On entering the website, visitors get prompted to enter and save a password to create a new dedicated wallet. Overseeing and deploying funds from Grayscale investments to develop the ETC network are roles of the ETC Cooperative. The Ethereum Classic got derived from the remarkably contentious hard-forking of the Ethereum Network in 2016 when the DAO scandal ensued.