EU Places Blockchain Investments as Part of Multi-billion Euro Technological Development

The European Union recently announced its intention to invest in blockchain technology. By employing of a multi-billion Euro plan, the EU looks to dive into blockchain investments. This venture should enhance blockchain technology use in Europe.

The project adds a regional bloc push towards industrialized manufacturing semiconductors. The need arose after a technological shortage forced carmakers to slow down production.

European Union Pandemic Recovery Fund

On Wednesday, the EU Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen commented on the move. She termed it as a “make or break issue” for the region. The project will pick up about £750 billion ($887 billion) to fund digital technology as blockchain investments.

According to the involved officials, the EU will direct the funds to specific areas by 2030. Some selected aspects include 5G communication, Blockchain technology, and Data infrastructure.

EU Commission Explores Spectrum for a Digital Push

On Wednesday, the EU stated that the push would reduce reliance on Chinese and US technologies. The EU Executives further expounded on yearly ambitious digital targets to expose the bloc`s digital laggards. The EU Commission expects suggested areas of development to perform exemplary well.

In a statement, Vice President Margrethe Vestager insisted that the proposed concrete plan achieve digital transformation. Third, in the agreement was Industrial Commissioner Thierry Breton.

He emphasized that Europe should not be in a place of dependence in years to come. Subsequently, he said it would expose it to the ups and downs the rest of the world suffers. His sentiments ensure economic growth and job creation for European nationals.

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According to the EU Commission, more clarity on how the segments suggest would start development is of utmost importance. That would create legal certainty and investment predictability for nations. However, the proposed digital change requires agreement from EU countries and the European parliament to go through.

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