Exchange Listings That Sparked a Bull-Run of a Coin

Crypto exchange listings and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) link a blockchain project and the investors’ markets for its consolidation and eventual growth.

Blockchain projects find it improbable to try to seek funds by traditional means such as bank loans. The primary reasons include unfavorable government policies and government-issued fiat money during transactions.

The exchange listings, in particular, have been so crucial in enabling crypto-investor interactions that they’ve sparked strong bull-runs. Read on to find out which coins enjoyed explosive growth after exchange listings!

A Brief on Bull-Runs

bull-run or bull market is a lengthy period of strong market growth and explosive price gains. Usually, high investor confidence and positivity characterize it. Also, it generates feeding into the market trend and causing far-reaching price growth.

However, this definition of a bull-run is not set in stone. Other factors have to play their part, too. In this article, we will use a common example of prices increasing by 20% after a previous significant (preferably 20%) dip.

Notable Exchange Listings that Sparked a Bull-Run

While crypto exchange listings are a decisive link between crypto projects and investors, they can also be catalysts to a bull run. However, this article will emphasize bull-runs that start with the listing of a coin in exchange. Digital assets that witnessed substantial growth from a combination of exchange listings may not exist if the trigger wasn’t their listing. Other factors that might provoke them include soft forks or software upgrades. 

Below are some notable exchange listings that sparked a bull-run in the specific coin.

ADA Listing on Binance

The Cardano blockchain has been hitting the charts a lot lately for all good reasons. Its price has gained ground significantly since the start of the year. It’s all thanks to its high focus on achieving the title of the most decentralized coin. ADA’s price, however, swung from a bearish market sentiment to a bull market in March of 2021 following its listing on Coinbase. 

The coin enjoyed an impressive bull-run from late December 2020 to mid-February 2021 before hitting a brick wall. The downtrend that led to long-term market risk of a slight reversal could wipe out profits.

However, the Cardano team and the Binance exchange announced the listing of ADA on the world’s largest crypto exchange by market cap. The action changed market sentiments and sparked a new bull run starting mid-March 2021. The run was extended to May 16th, 2021, reaching an all-time high price of $2.39 that is yet to be surpassed. Price movements of mid-August 2021 seem to suggest that the price peak set after listing may not hold for much longer.

Ethereum Listing on Coinbase

Ethereum has come a long way, and so has the exchange platform Coinbase. id had been on a somewhat sluggish market performance before its listing on Coinbase. The coin’s price had been fluctuating between $8 to $14 for close to a year. Moreover, this wasn’t a bear market. For months, the price movement had been sluggish, providing prime conditions for a market to swing to either bearish or bullish if given a trigger.

Coinbase, on the other hand, had been a Bitcoin exclusive crypto exchange platform, with investors hardly expecting another rival crypto to be listed. However, the potential of Ethereum’s Decentralized Finance system made it reconsider and announce a listing on May 24th, 2016.

Ether’s price, in turn, experienced tremendous growth. It sustained the bull-run to peak at 20.65 on June 17th, 2016. Also, it was a gain of 42% following the listing in three months. The coin wouldn’t go past the set peak again until mid-March of 2017, nine months later.

Dogecoin Listing on Coinbase

It is quite rare when key crypto investors take a meme coin seriously. Their prices jump at the slightest positive mention by big influencers. Meme coin use cases are also not up to par with the rest of the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain community.

Despite all that, Dogecoin has been a big beneficiary of its 1st Coinbase exchange listing in June 2021. The coin gained a whopping 25% in value in just a day on the mention of the listing. The gain followed a sustained bearish-run since its peak in early May. 

You should note that bull-runs and bear-runs in Dogecoin and other meme coins tend to be much shorter than average. The digital assets are susceptible to market sentiments and influencer perceptions hence over-the-top reaction figures.

Conclusion – Exchange Listings Influence

Exchange platforms have proven to be a very vital part of cryptos. Many Altcoins strive to become listings on large exchanges as they offer wide access to crypto investors.

Regardless, this article proves that they do more than offer a link to investors. A crypto listing shows confidence in the said crypto and could trigger a sustained bull run in it. The cases of ADA, Ethereum, and Dogecoin show this phenomenon well. It is even more effective when properly timed to boost an otherwise sluggish performance as was in Ether. It is also useful when a pullback is threatening to be a long drawn bear market as in the cases of ADA and Dogecoin.

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