Famous Rapper Soulja Boy Shares His Public Crypto Addresses Online

Renowned rapper Soulja Boy recently tweeted several of his public cryptocurrency addresses online. The artist shared his XRP, TRX, BTC, ETH, and LINK addresses upon some of his followers’ requests. Soulja Boy has been very vibrant on the digital market, engaging in queries and discussions with his followers on how and when to buy different tokens.

Tech entrepreneur and CEO of Rainberry.inc, Justin Sun, yesterday requested Soulja Boy to share his TRX address. Justin proceeded to send 100 million $WIN tokens after the rapper tweeted the address, with Soulja Boy expressing his gratitude later. The ‘Superman’ singer resumed sharing other cryptocurrency addresses on his portfolio.

Celebrities and Crypto

A few days back, Soulja Boy was involved in a Dogecoin campaign where he was paid to boost the coin’s popularity. The rapper released a video on social media imploring people to invest in DOGE, which recently caused a media frenzy due to its 400% increase in value. At the time of writing, the coin traded at $0.050668

Joe Budden, Floyd Mayweather, Spencer Dinwiddie are some of the few celebrities actively engaging in crypto services. Nevertheless, not many celebrities have employed Soulja Boy’s courage to display their crypto addresses on social media. The rapper’s tweets received some eyebrow-raising reactions as some asked why he was publicly exposing his cryptocurrency addresses.

Sharing of addresses to the public is considered safe; however, one should ensure they do not reveal the private keys of those addresses. Crypto addresses are like bank account numbers that the public can use to send crypto to the account owner. A private key is similar to a bank account password and, as always, should only be accessible to the wallet owner or their trustees. 

The artist seems to be on the track of cryptocurrency social media influencers, seeking to up digital tokens prices. He joined highly acclaimed Entrepreneur Elon Musk on the Dogecoin bandwagon, and he has undoubtedly made some impact on the coins’ anticipated uprising.

Crypto’s Influence on Hip-Hop

Several Hip-Hop artists have been involved with cryptocurrency, whether in their profession or business activities. In 2013, Snoop Dogg was drawn to the idea of being paid in Bitcoin for his album. At the time, cryptocurrency was a very foreign term in people’s minds. His album went for 0.3BTC per copy.

Lil Yachty, the rapper famous for the song Peek A Boo, recently announced he would release his digital token. The rapper said his fans could acquire the token on the Fyooz app. The idea erupted following the disruptions that saw COVID-19 cancel scheduled live concerts for artists. The rapper is trying to help other artists perform and get paid without exposing themselves to the general public, exposing themselves to the virus.

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In 2018, Dj Khaleed found himself in trouble after endorsing Centra, the Miami-based crypto that the US SEC had warned people not to purchase. SEC charged the music producer for endorsing the coin while failing to mention he was being paid for building its name on the market.

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