Fantastec Partners With Dapper Labs to Launch NFTs on Flow Network

Today, fantastic, a startup based in London, revealed that it has partnered with Dapper Labs, NBA Top Shot, and CryptoKitties creator. The partnership can shift its private blockchain SWAP NFT collectibles to a public blockchain, Flow, later in the summer.

Building NFTs for Soccer

Flow is a next-generation blockchain, open-source, which delivers scalability, cost efficiency, and environmental sustainability. It hosts Dapper’s NBA Top Shot, where P2P trading accounted for most of the overall Top Shot sales of 600 million dollars, according to CryptoSlam. 

That means that Fantastec will create a new Flow market with 15 ‘distinguished levels of craft and creativity to mobilize sports enthusiasts. SWAP collectors will also provide improved options to begin value through an additional secondary market feature into the primary market of SWAP.

Football Clubs Enjoying a Piece of The Pie

European soccer clubs will also feature in the marketplace: Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal, and other top teams. Recent collections by Fantastec SWAP contain various NFTs ranging from distinctive collectibles, like the first-ever signature by Erling Haaland with Dortmund, to memorable events in the Uefa Champions League Final, including Gareth Bale’s incredible UCL Finals goal for Real Madrid in 2018.

Simon Woollard, the Fantastec co-founder, said that this is a significant improvement for our SWAP community worldwide. Their Flow secondary SWAP enthusiasts can now sell these highly coveted NFTs. He also added that they have constantly produced an impressive selection of unique NFTs in the last few seasons for the longest time. Meanwhile, they are particularly delighted by creating the Arsenal Frauen’s team’s first-ever women’s football NFT collections.

NBA TopShot was probably one of the catalysts of the NFT push into the mainstream this year. A crucial characteristic was that they targeted mainstream users rather than the crypto larger population, who always was Fantastec’s objective.

NFTs in Soccer this Year

It is a promising summer for football fans and NFT users alike. The announcement comes quickly following the kick-off of EUR 2021 last week.

In 2018, Fantastec began minting NFTs, one of the first starters with big European football clubs to sign blockchain licensing agreements. However, the French start-up SoRare, which has also struck an NFT contract with Real Madrid earlier this year, is bringing about tough competition.

After Real Madrid, five more other teams followed: Cagliari, Sampdoria, Genoa, Udinese, and Hellas Verona. It brought the total from Italy’s top league to 11 – more than half of the total number of teams of 20.

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Well, Dapper Labs is denting Ethereum’s market share in NFT with deep pockets after raising more than $ 300 million. Meanwhile, ConsenSys is launching Palm, which processes NFTs over a side-chain connected to the mainnet Ethereum. It is intended to address Ethereum NFTs’ present high transaction costs and ESG problems.

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