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Founder of Hackers Group ”Anonymous” Uses Monero for Transactions

The alleged founder of the infamous hacker group ”Anonymous” has claimed to use Monero for transactions. This was revealed in a series of AMA questions and answers by a Reddit user named Aubrey Cottle. 

Cottle claimed to be the originator of the Internet Hate Machine and the founder of the Anonymous group. He opened an AMA session that drew Redditors’ attention and revealed that he’s coming out of retirement to deal with the current QAnon menace happening worldwide. 

anonymous hacker ama session xmr (monero) gorup reddit
Source Reddit: r/IAmA

When asked about his opinion on the internet and cybersecurity, he unravels the need for cybersecurity. Cottle stated that many don’t know what occurs outside their open discussions on the internet.  He further stated that metadata stored from users ‘’social webs’ can paint a vivid picture of their lifestyle. Relationships and interests. He also added that geolocation and photo metadata could be used to map out one’s life. 

Cottle explained that the most common mistake people make online is using weak passwords in terms of cybersecurity. He also suggested using a strong password and advised against using browser extensions to store passwords. Cottle recommended the use of offline password vaults like 1Passwords or Keepass to create and store passwords. 

Cottle Uses Privacy Token Monero for transactions.

When asked if he uses privacy coins, Cottle replied that he did and mentioned Monero as the coin he uses.  This information caused a major buzz in the Monero Reddit section. 

monero is a highly praised privacy coin
Source Reddit: r/IAmA


Monero is a privacy coin that is easy to buy and difficult to track transactions. It is no surprise that a leader of a hacking group would utilize privacy tokens for transactions. In recent years, privacy cryptocurrencies like Monero, Zcash, and Dash have become popular. 

These crypto-assets provide users with added privacy that public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum don’t offer. This means that users can complete anonymous transactions and maintain their private account balances. 

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Privacy coins accomplish these by concealing the sender’s address, the receiver’s address, and the transaction amount when executing the transaction. This is possible through some techniques used in their protocols. Monero uses Ring Signatures, Stealth Addresses, and Ring Confidential Transactions, ZCash uses zk-snarks, and Dash uses CoinJoin.

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