Future Crypto Events that we Should Look Forward to

The crypto world is growing at an interesting rate, with new projects coming up every other month as solutions to the financial world. For that, people around the world hold annual events to celebrate crypto progress while at the same time discussing the future.

Top industry experts and project developers often organize these events inviting reputable people in the fintech industry to offer ideas and opinions on several topics about cryptocurrencies. Some of the events occur annually, while others are one time, maybe to give updates about a particular crypto project.
This guide will be discussing some of the few blockchain and crypto events that we all should be aware of.

The Blockchain Expo Series

The Blockchain Expo global is an event that will be happening between September and October 2021. It involves a series of events happening in different places. The most immediate event of the series is the Blockchain Expo Global, happening between the 6th and 7th of September.

Between 22nd and 23rd September, there will be a Blockchain Expo for North America, specifically in Santa Clara. Later, towards the end of November between 23rd and 24th, there will be the final part of the Blockchain Expo Europe series. Why would you attend these events?

This series of events will include many speakers from different parts of the globe interested in the crypto world. There are over 1500 speakers chosen to feature in these events and 950 showcasing emerging technologies.
This event will also be huge since over 5k persons will attend virtually. To get your pass, register on the Blockchain Expo page, and book your seat.

The Cardano Summit

Another event that all crypto investors should be looking forward to is the upcoming Cardano summit. IOHK Cardano developers recently announced on Twitter that they would be hosting the summit, saying it will be their all-time biggest Cardano event.

Alonzo Hardfork, launching the smart contract capability on September 12th, will surely be one of the main discussion points. Please register for the Cardano summit on their web page and wait for further details.

The NFT.NYC Event 2021

Among all the future crypto events to look forward to, the NFT.NYC  is one of the best. New York will be the host of this event.

The NFT.NYC event will be occurring between November 1sta and 4rth, 2021. This event will be bringing the NFT enthusiasts to debate on the growth of NFT and blockchain space.

There will be speakers from various fields, including the music industry, gaming, art, and education. We all have seen how the NFT industry has grown in 2021. This event could help in highlighting the future trends in NFT. Buy the tickets in BTC or ETH on the platform.


Token 2049 is one of the most important events that crypto enthusiasts should be waiting for. This event will be held in Hongkong between November 23rd and 24rth, and London between October 7 and 8.

We all are aware of the crypto situation in China, where it looks like the country is banning crypto. This event is held in China(Hong Kong) and will create a clear picture of the crypto situation in the country. In this event, top players in the blockchain network will share their thoughts on the developments made by crypto till now.
If you want to hear what the movers and shakers of the blockchain industry have to say about blockchain, then this is a must-attend event for you.

The Crypto Festival

The Crypto festival is a blockchain-related event planned for October 29th, 2021, where several speakers will be involved in discussions. This event is planning to bring traders, entrepreneurs, and developers, into the same pool to explore further the crypto world.

This event is one to wait for since the discussions could help improve and streamline the blockchain world. Issues like scale, speed, and security of Defi and NFT could be among the subjects of the discussion. Two thousand five hundred people will be attending from different places virtually.

The ICSCB (2022)

The International Conference on smart contracts and blockchains will be one of the biggest crypto and blockchain-related events of 2022. The event will occur between the 13th and 14th of January and was arranged by the International Research Conference.

In this event, research academic scientists and scholars will discuss and share their experiences on the smart contract and blockchain world. Now, this event will also discuss the emerging smart contract trends, possibly including Defi and NFTs.

Final Word – Future Crypto Events to Expect

Although tens of crypto events are occurring in 2021, this guide discusses future crypto events that we shouldn’t miss. Also, they are the ones most likely to create a buzz in the fintech world. Of course, the Cardano summit will have a huge impact on the Cardano community. The summit will discuss the rent project upgrades, and Alonzo is one of Cardano’s biggest upgrades.

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The NFT.NYC event is another one that will have a strong impact on the crypto world, and especially the NFT community. We all know how strongly NFTs have performed this year; therefore, this event is a good platform to check the growth and future of NFTs.

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