Gene Simmons of Kiss reveals he is a Bitcoin (BTC) Millionaire

We already knew that rock band Kiss singer Gene Simmons is a crypto enthusiast with his recent comments. However, the musician revealed today that he is a Bitcoin millionaire, having invested for several years.

Bitcoin Millionaire

Simmons revealed his position in bitcoin in response to a request from VHS collection on Twitter. The music firm had petitioned him to join the bitcoin train and revolutionize the music sector. To which Simmons replied in a tweet that he is a bitcoin holder in seven figures.

This is a significant revelation from the musician as he would become one of the few well-known artists to own a substantial bitcoin portfolio. Simmons has promoted the accumulation of bitcoin in recent days. He recently responded to a tweet by Cameron Winklevoss implying that he was also participating in the cryptocurrency revolution.

Apart from bitcoin, Gene Simmons also holds other cryptocurrencies. The Kiss lead singer recently revealed that he could not resist the current frenzy surrounding Dogecoin. To which he invested a considerable amount in the meme token.

“I’m not making a recommendation or a counter-recommendation, but yes, I bought a big position in Dogecoin. And yes, I am a Hodler. Funds under management. “He said. Also, Gene Simmons confirmed that he held Etherium in another tweet in what could be a misspelling of the popular altcoin.

Entertainment Industry Slowly Warming to Bitcoin

Gene Simmons’s interest in cryptocurrencies shows that a growing number of public figures are holding bitcoins. For example, popular Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams had admitted interest in Bitcoins last year. She ignited the crypto community when she made a poll for her fans on Twitter asking whether she should hold BTC, to which many crypto stakeholders replied.

American rapper Soulja Boy is another crypto enthusiast and holds bitcoins. He recently hinted that he was mulling the idea of creating a Soulja Boy token. At the same time, Akon is well known for his cryptocurrency exploits. The Grammy-winning artist is currently working on building a smart city in Senegal powered by a native token called Akoin.

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Slowly but steadily, the entertainment industry is moving towards cryptocurrencies. This is great news for crypto adoption due to the level of influence that entertainers hold in society.

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