Giant Berry Farms is Now Using IBM Food Trust Blockchain Tracking System

Blockchain technology continues to be useful across numerous sectors and walks of life, including agriculture and the supply chain. In the supply chain domain, firms now have access to updated information regarding tracking and food safety, capable of streamlining and identifying opportunities for improvement, with a focus on freshness.

In the United States, berry producer California Giant Berry Farms is now part of the food tracking solution IBM Food Trust, which is based on blockchain. In a report released by fruit and vegetable news outlet The Packer on May 17, California Giant Berry Farms will utilize blockchain in sharing data between all points of its supply chain.

This is possible using Glasschain software by Glassbit as a service solution. It was noted that the Glasschain software is an all-inclusive event database that links California Giant and its customers ERP software, with information regarding harvest location, time and shipping throughout the supply chain.

In the words of California Giant’s senior director of operations Thomas Taggart, being integrated with the blockchain network will ensure that they find means of improving the efficiency of product transportation.

Walmart was pleased by the firm’s adoption of blockchain technology. According to Tejas Bhatt of Walmart, Walmart’s food supply chain is undergoing digitalization using blockchain, thereby enabling the tracking of food from farm to store and ensuring the freshness and safety of foods.

More companies continue to use blockchain technology to track food, thereby making supply chain tracking one of the top areas in which the technology is implemented, perhaps due to being immutable, a perfect fit for such applications. The need to ensure the delivery of safe food is part of the reason why the food industry seems particularly interested in such developments.

Last month, reports had it that the largest producer of fruit and vegetables worldwide Dole Food Company released a 5-year plan towards the expansion of its adoption of distributed ledger technology.

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