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Grandma-Factory – The Digital Asset Factory Set to Launch NFTs Backed by Luxury Goods

Grandma-Factory is a DeFi platform enabling investors and NFT collectors to acquire digital collectibles backed by luxury products. The project is ripe for launching, with an imminent token pre-sale on the horizon. Its ultimate goal is to leverage blockchain technology to open the luxury asset class to everyone and help people avoid the world’s banking crisis.

This Grandma-Factory review examines this new project empowering regular Joe’s with luxury-backed digital collectibles. Read on to discover more about its features, tokenomics, and roadmap!

What is Grandma-Factory?

Blockchain technology has spurred several innovations with global appeal, including cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and decentralized applications. More importantly, it helped develop decentralized finance (DeFi) to give everyone, including unbanked individuals and remote communities, a chance to thrive financially.

Anyone with access to the internet can find ways to boost their earnings safely and sustainably. Grandma-Factory is a DeFi project that seeks to take this to the next level by offering tangible, anti-fragile, and secure assets at a time of economic uncertainty around the world.

The platform focuses on luxury and collectible products available to more than the usual exclusive club of high-end investors. It aims to be generic and offer several types of luxury goods, including watches, cars, art, wine, and other products from various collectors’ markets.

Grandma-Factory will address the targeted markets according to the total amount raised during the upcoming ICO. During this event, the platform’s utility token, $GMA, will go on sale with the ambitious fundraising goal of raising $1.5 million.

Interested collectors and investors can access Grandma-Factory through a web application. Users can easily consult the list of available assets or those already in their possession. Furthermore, the user-friendly application allows all members to access the necessary functionalities to interact with the platform’s various smart contracts.

How Grandma-Factory Works

Grandma-Factory uses proven smart-contract mechanisms to offer robust assets compatible with current DeFi tools. It distributes value on the Ethereum network by creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) fully backed by real, luxury standard assets.

The creators want to build a seamless ecosystem with open-source smart contracts to offer users maximum transparency. Recently, the team announced that the GMA token’s smart contract has been successfully audited by Solidproof, one of the industry’s top auditors.

Unlike other DeFi platforms for collectors, Grandma-Factory provides fractionable NFTs to open the luxury market to a broader group of investors. Moreover, the platform structures thematic funds comprising several assets to accommodate investment with higher liquidity and stability.

One of the project’s missions is to enable owners of exceptional properties the opportunity to sell them within Grandma Incubator to feed the platform with new assets. All these luxury properties will first go through an appraisal process by the Grandma-Factory team and will have selling costs significantly lower than those of the auction houses.

Lastly, Grandma-Factory commits to meeting the highest standards for all the platform products, properties, and goods. The project guarantees investment durability by keeping all listed assets in the best maintenance and security conditions.

Grandma-Factory Features

Grandma-Factory seeks to provide cryptocurrency enthusiasts, NFT collectors, and investors with new ways to diversify their investments and enrich their portfolios. The platform relies on several proprietary features to reach its goals, such as:

Grandma NFTs

One of the project’s primary features is the Grandma NFT (Non-Fungible Token) – a unique digital asset on the blockchain representing ownership of an actual physical asset. The Grandma-Factory Company retains the underlying asset to ensure the NFT’s value.

Each Grandma NFT will have all the necessary documents validating its real-world correspondent and value. Users can study these documents at any time due to their distribution on the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). Moreover, they buy and sell shares in Grandma F-NFTs.

Grandma F-NFTs

This feature represents the platform’s take on fractional digital assets. Each Grandma F-NFT is a fraction of a Grandma NFT. The platform distributes its ownership through a token complying with the ERC-20 standard.

Users can choose to buy a Grandma F-NFT if they don’t wish or can’t purchase an entire Grandma NFT. This way, owning a part of a luxury asset becomes more accessible to a wider audience of investors. All the fractional Grandma F-NFTs will be available for purchase or sale through the platform.

Grandma Incubator

The Grandma Incubator offers private or institutional sellers the possibility to sell their assets as a Grandma NFT. This feature enables them to create new Grandma NFTs for luxury goods that the team streams through an appraisal process for correct pricing.

After establishing the selling prices for the users’ assets, Grandma-Factory purchases the goods and holds them in its reserves.

Next, users can buy Grandma NFTs from the Incubator entirely and immediately at the set price. Alternatively, they can buy fractions of it as Grandma F-NFTs. However, several buyers must meet the full set price through their fraction bidding prices to mutate it into an F-NFT before they each receive their fractions.

Grandma ASCs

One of the most exciting features of Grandma Factory is its AlmostStableCoin concept, shortly put Grandma ASC.

This token complies with the ERC-20 standard and is collateralized by a set of Grandma-Factory assets. In other words, it can consist of several Grandma NFTs, Grandma F-NFTs, or other Grandma ASCs. Each Grandma ASC’s value reflects the sum value of its comprising assets.

ASCs will enable investors to focus on a specific market of luxury assets while diversifying their investments across several other niches. Holding a Grandma ASC gives ownership over all the assets that make it up.

Users can check each Grandma ASC for technical characteristics, such as a smart contract address, number of tokens, value, or composition, via its listing on the Grandma-Factory platform.


Grandma-Token (GMA) is the utility token on the Grandma-Factory platform and embodies several purposes:

  • It provides liquidity on the various ASCs available on the platform.
  • Holders can pay discounted platform fees.
  • It gives holders access to governance powers and remuneration for future fees.
  • Holders can earn rewards by staking their tokens.


  • Ticker: GMA
  • Chain: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC777 (ERC20 Compatible)
  • Total Tokens: 10,000,000,000 GMA


  • Public sale – 7,000,000,000 tokens
  • Private sale – 500,000,000 tokens
  • Ecosystem – 1,000,000,000 tokens
  • Development fund – 1,000,000,000 tokens
  • Marketing – 250,000,000 tokens
  • Community rewards – 250,000,000 tokens

Here’s a summary of the upcoming ICO for the GMA token:

  • ICO Token Price: 1 GMA = 0.005 USD
  • Fundraising Goal: 1,500,000 USD
  • Team distribution schedule: 10% each 3 months
  • Any unsold tokens will be burned at the end of the ICO.


This unique staking program enables users to gain some of the platform fees. Like all blockchain-based transactions, all transactions via the Grandma-Factory platform are subject to a fee. The platform will then redistribute 15% of these fees as part of the Grandma-Reward program.

Users can stack Grandma-Token (GMA) tokens in a Grandma-Reward pool. This makes them eligible for three levels of rewards, depending on the amount they lock:

  1. The Cotton Level involves a boost by a 1.15x multiplier for locking a minimum of 10,000 GMA.
  2. The Kashmir Level comes with a boost by a 1.5x multiplier for locking a minimum of 500,000 GMA.
  3. The Silk Level offers a boost by a 3x multiplier for locking a minimum of 10,000,000 GMA.

Accessing these levels gives users more influence in the votes cast for the community. Cotton Level users get 2x more influence, Kashmir Level users increase their power 3x, and Silk Level users can boost their voting impact 5x. The platform reserves the right to change these awards at any time.


The growing community around Grandma-Factory should develop into a decentralized organization, the Grandma Republic. GMA holders can participate in the platform’s evolution through a voting system. This way, they can have their say on the following:

  • Adding a specific asset to Grandma NFTs.
  • Adding a Grandma ASC on a particular theme.
  • Choosing the future domain addressed by the platform.

Roadmap – What’s Next for Grandma-Factory?

Behind Grandma-Factory is a professional team of experts from different fields, including IT, blockchain, technology, and full-stack development. They commit to providing a new investment opportunity in DeFi through luxury asset-backed digital collectibles. Moreover, the team pledges to provide 100% transparency regarding the project’s progress and asset reserves.

Grandma-Factory launched in the first financial quarter of 2023. The team used this period to conceive the project’s whitepaper and plan the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the GMA token, which should occur soon. For the coming months, the platform aims to reach these milestones:

  • Launching the beta version of the Grandma app.
  • Putting forwards a Bounty program.
  • Minting the first Grandma NFT.
  • Launching the first Grandma ASC.
  • Growing the Grandma Republic.
  • Handling more blockchain platforms.
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The project is rapidly developing, and we will monitor its progress. Meanwhile, you can learn more about Grandma-Factory at these links: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

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