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Grove Token – The DeFi Ecosystem Building a Healthier and Wealthier Future

Grove Token is a decentralized, secure, digital finance-backed investment business. Through its digital currency, GroveCoin ($GRV), it aims to create wealth for all “Grovers” (holders) and help build a healthier, wealthier future for everyone.

The project is building a far-reaching, environmentally-impacting green plan to overcome and compensate for the years of abuse that traditional crypto mining practices have had on our planet. This plan includes an Ethereum-forked, QBFT-Proof of Authority blockchain, DeFi products, a Metaverse, and sustainable future farming solutions.

John Ghemrawi, the Grove CEO, summed up GroveCoin’s mission in this statement:

GroveCoin is projected to become the flagship eco-friendly token focusing on greener and more efficient ways of using digital currency in our day-to-day lives.

Meanwhile, Grove Token is rapidly developing, attracting the support of prestigious members of the Al Maktoum royal family of Dubai. Furthermore, a recent partnership with Western Australian Energy (WA Energy) will soon enable it to provide renewable power purchase agreements.

This GroveCoin review looks closely at this ambitious new project, its mission, and environmentally conscious DeFi solutions. Read on to discover more about its current development, tokenomics, and roadmap!

The Grove Green Plan

The advent of cryptocurrency has changed the financial landscape. However, in most cases, traditional cryptocurrency mining methods require overwhelming energy consumption and electronic waste. Therefore, this practice is not sustainable and efficient in the long run.

The GroveCoin creators believe crypto can only reach its latent potential by diminishing its environmental impact. To this end, they have devised the Grove Green Plan, which should reverse the negative consequences of crypto mining and improve the general opinion on crypto. Their planet-friendly investment business plan seeks to lay the basis for a healthier and wealthier future for all.

Here’s what it includes:

The GroveCoin ($GRV)

GRV is the native token of the QBFT-Proof of Authority blockchain bearing the same name. Its design will counter the outdated and eco-damaging proof-of-work mining practice. The system will gradually burn the total GroveCoin supply using a part of the GroveBusiness profits. This way, GRV holders may see the value of their assets grow in the long run.

The GroveCoin Blockchain

This growing digital ecosystem will support numerous decentralized finance products and utilities. Furthermore, it will enable other projects to develop them on the same network.

Blockchain Details:

  • Proof of Authority
  • EVM Compatible 
  • 100 Transactions Per Second 
  • 3 Second Average Per Block

The GroveKeeper

Another essential part of the Grove Green Plan is the project’s digital asset wallet enabling investors to use and store their cryptocurrencies and NFTs securely. The GroveKeeper has several insurance layers and connects to the GroveSwap DEX and farming platforms through a DApps browser. Ultimately, GroveKeeper will maximize usability by employing the highest standards in cybersecurity. Its main features include:

  • Minimal possible transaction fees.
  • Lower energy wastage with no mining (no third-party verification).
  • Multiple layers of insurance.
  • Tokenomics distribution methods that minimize negative chart impact

GroveSwap DEX

This is the decentralized exchange (DEX) utility of GroveToken, allowing users to buy, sell, swap, and trade various cryptocurrencies across three blockchains. Its developers promise “as-low-as-feasible network fees” on each transaction.

The GroveX CEX

The project’s centralized cryptocurrency exchange will be the intersection point for most Grove Token’s DeFi utilities. This product’s design appeals to first-time crypto investors and expert industry traders with the same ease of use and intuitive tools. Moreover, its tokenomics support should attract developers and projects enjoying consistent community support.

The GreenOasis Program

This unique support platform will operate within GroveX and assist Grove Token’s fellow projects with a similar green crypto approach. GreenOasis will provide support and partnership incentives to help eco-friendly, niche projects attract broader attention and brand awareness.

These are the standout features of the Grove Green Plan, aiming to improve our planet’s health while helping generate value for the increasing Grove community. All GroveCoin token holders will participate in this social awareness and eco-preservation program in complete transparency. GroveToken will regularly update them on the plan’s development and all Green initiatives.

The Grove Philosophy

The Grove team is actively building towards a healthier and wealthier future on the following principles:

  • Cultivating environmental preservation.
  • Improving the health of our planet while addressing resource scarcity.
  • Generating internal wealth by making our world safer.

Fueling GroveCoin and its impactful Green Plan is a cutting-edge investment model, GroveBusiness, seeking to fund the research and development of emerging sustainable technologies and products.

Moreover, GroveCoin aims to provide some of these innovations, such as the Future Farming Solutions program, which it launched in October 2022. This program focuses on delivering hydro and aeroponic products and equipment at different scales, from residential to retail and commercial, to help reduce worldwide food scarcity.

The Grove team believes renewable energy is vital to a brighter future for our planet. Technologies that facilitate the reduction of CO2 emissions can help create a greener, cleaner future for all.

The project will focus on these technologies and enter the renewable energy market as part of the Green Plan. More precisely, GroveToken will reinvest a portion of all transactions into eco-friendly industries and corporations. This way, it will help green initiatives, establish its brand and generate value for its stakeholders.

Grove will also capitalize and invest in the rapid evolution of solar energy solutions. Moreover, it will use its platform to educate users on the benefits of solar farming technologies, which can also help power cryptocurrency mining farms. The team will use its UAE-based headquarters as a testing field and showroom for this purpose.

The GroveCoin blockchain should develop to connect billions of people worldwide in a secure, efficient, and lucrative environment. This way, everyone can build a more prosperous and environmentally conscious future.

The GroveCoin Network

Its pledge to use QBFT-Proof of Authority networks has led Grove Token to embrace this architecture for the GroveCoin Chain. This network will be a fork of Ethereum (ETH). This proficient blockchain recently swapped the proof-of-work architecture for PoS.

Ethereum is second in popularity and usage only to the Bitcoin blockchain. Moreover, it has a versatile architecture allowing the development of Web3 utilities, decentralized applications, and other open-source platforms. The GroveCoin blockchain will develop on its unique path as a hard fork from Ethereum’s nurturing basis.

GroveCoin’s Network will maintain some core principles of Ethereum’s PoS architecture, such as its low-energy consumption and long-term sustainability. Furthermore, it will keep the capacity to develop and execute smart contracts on a more fee-optimized network.

Smart contracts will enable developers to design their DeFi projects, specifying elements such as supply and tokenomics tax structure. Meanwhile, investors can use GroveCoin to execute transactions, increasing its overall trading volume and value.

Here’s how GroveCoin’s plans to use QBFT-Proof of Authority as a block consensus mechanism:

  • Blocks are produced by validators staking their assets to the network
  • Validators randomly take turns to create blocks in a QBFT-Proof of Authority manner
  • Validator set and efficiency are based on the quantity of staked coins or tokens
  • Stakers are rewarded for contributing to the network with a proportional amount of the staked asset.

GroveCoin’s Smart Contracts work similarly to those on other popular networks. For example, the financial contract between two entities completes once particular criteria are fulfilled.

Security Audits

The GroveCoin Network has successfully passed audits from Certik and StaySAFU, two of the industry’s top auditors. These audits guarantee the network’s compliance with standard regulations of security and performance. Furthermore, they ensure investors can engage in staking and farming across all the network chains of GroveCoin (BSC, ETH, & GRV).

Grove will consistently validate the integrity of its smart contract. The network will undergo periodic code audits and manual reviews by independent auditors to identify potential risks or code errors. Lastly, GroveToken will take all the necessary measures to ensure contracts pegged to financial assets and NFTs are not susceptible to external threats.

ARK 2.0 – Commercial Farming

Grove Token supports numerous eco-friendly projects, such as ARK 2.0, a commercial farming program designed to help alleviate food scarcity worldwide.

ARK 2.0 enables local communities to overcome weather and geo-location barriers to grow food by integrating indoor vertical farming and hydroponics in one shipping container. This system allows food growth from seeding to harvesting in a safe, clean, efficient, all-in-one environment.

The container is ready to be deployed under any climate across the globe. Through sensors and the climate control system, growers can monitor and control temperature, relative humidity, lighting, CO2 concentration, and nutrient ratio.

ARK 2.0 operates as a lab, a demonstration base, or a commercial farm compatible with any type of outdoor environment, including islands, deserts, highlands, polar regions, or metropolises,

One ARK 2.0 Grow System can host between 5,400 and 18,000 plants from over 300 varieties, including leafy greens, microgreens, fruiting crops, vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs. It scales quickly and efficiently and can produce up to 6,000 kg of food annually.

GroveCoin Tokenomics

GroveCoin seeks to become more than the native token of the same-name network. Its mission is to develop the platform for the future of digital finance.

  • Token: GROVECOIN
  • Ticker: GRV
  • Net supply: 100 million tokens
  • Number of decimals: 8
  • GRV Native Contract: 0xF33893DE6eB6aE9A67442E066aE9aBd228f5290c
  • GRV-BEP20 Contract: 0xF33893DE6eB6aE9A67442E066aE9aBd228f5290c
  • GRV-ERC20 Contract: 0xF33893DE6eB6aE9A67442E066aE9aBd228f5290c

Unlike other digital currencies, GroveCoin will not feature a tax rate beyond the network fees charged on transactions. This aspect incentivizes other tokens or DeFi projects to build on the GroveCoin network and develop their tokenomics structure for Engage-to-Earn mechanisms without creating a compounding tax effect with the native coin, $GRV.

The GRV architecture allows the same token to circulate via cross-chain communication bridges. Also, it can be created as a BEP20, ERC20, or GRV20 protocol token. Still, the total circulation of the same token should be managed across all three networks.

Holding GroveCoin tokens allows investors to engage within the GroveCoin community and play a key role in the ecosystem’s future development.

GroveCoin is available to buy at some of the industry’s top exchange platforms, including PancakeSwap, SafemoonSwap, UniSwap, Gate.Io, Huobi, MEXC, and more.

Staking and Farming

GRV holders can access passive income utilities, such as staking and farming, across all networks available via GroveCoin. The Annual-Percentage-Yield (APY) structure fixes the return rate for the Staking or Farming pool duration. Investors staking their coins can receive APY rewards proportionately to their stakes:


  • No Lock Period – 15% APY
  • 30-Day Lock Period – 25%
  • 90-Day Lock Period – 40%
  • 180-Day Lock Period – 50%
  • 360-Day Lock Period – 60%


  • 1 pool with a variable APR%

Lastly, the GroveCoin network will allow investors to purchase nodes on the Grove blockchain. Node owners will then receive GRV passive token generation rewards directly proportional to the network traffic going through their nodes.


Grove Token’s roadmap focuses on developing its decentralized, scalable, open-source, and secure network into a system that rewards users with financial freedom and access to redistributive crypto technology.

Here’s what the project has achieved so far since its establishment in 2022:

  • The launch of the GroveToken on BSC
  • Listings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • Launched Staking and Farming utilities
  • Partnership with members of the Dubai Royal Family
  • Listed GRV on multiple Top-10 exchanges
  • Established its headquarters in Dubai
  • New Era Metaverse partnership
  • Launched Sustainable Farming Solutions

Grove Token’s plans for 2023 and 2024 include the following:

  • The launch of GroveX and the Grove blockchain
  • Amazon-integrated Webstore launch
  • Release of the GRVG (GroveGold), a gold-pegged stablecoin
  • Establish an NFT Marketplace & new partnerships
  • A marketing blitz for GroveSwap and GroveX
  • Achieve 100+ projects listed on GroveSwap
  • Grove Construction
  • Release a P2E trailer
  • Launch GroveVillas and Grove Franchise Stores
  • GroveMetaverse release

About GroveCoin

Behind Grove Token is a young and ambitious team of professionals and entrepreneurs with solid experience in retail Operations, running multi-million dollar businesses, computer engineering, accounting, market analysis, sales, marketing, cryptocurrency research and trading, talent development, HR, app development, IT, and Graphic Design.

John Ghemrawi is GroveCoin’s CEO, with over five years of experience in the crypto world. He has a Master’s in Telecommunication Engineering. Moreover, he is highly experienced in retail and passionate about developing teams and achieving exceptional business success.

Carlo Di Clemente is the company’s COO boasting over 30 years of experience in retail operations, national product development, marketing, and as a large format Retail Franchise Director.

Nouha Elmasri is GroveCoin’s CMO, a marketing and content development leader with over seven years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing, public relations, content creation, and community engagement.

The trio is at the forefront of the Grove Green Army – the thriving community rapidly developing around this unique project. Its members will shape our planet’s better, more environmentally aware future and help crypto reach its potential. Furthermore, they will act as investors with a say in GroveCoin’s markets and listings, new community channels, future initiatives and investment priorities, merchandise, and promotions.

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You can learn more about GroveCoin at these links: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Reddit.

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