Hacker Uncovers Ethereum Tipping Feature In Twitter’s Code

As the Bitcoin-focused Jack Dorsey departs from Twitter, it appears his company is moving towards adopting other cryptocurrencies. A competent hacker recently dug into Twitter’s code and unlocked a yet unannounced Ethereum-tipping feature. This follows a Twitter update from months ago that publicly enabled payment tipping through various methods, including Bitcoin.

Ether Tips On Twitter?

Jane Wong – a hacker famous on Twitter – quietly added her Ethereum tipping address to her account yesterday. Buzz began circulating as screenshot images from her Twitter page spread, presenting an Ethereum tipping option.

At first, many didn’t know whether the image was actual. Some speculated that it might have been photoshopped. Others thought Twitter had just started rolling out an update, which is why the feature didn’t exist on other accounts.

However, Wong later released video evidence of the feature in action, proving its legitimacy. Users can send funds to their Venmo, PayPal, Bitcoin address, and Ethereum address by selecting the tips option from their profile.

“The feature has been there since at least September. But I don’t think it’s widely available yet. I did my magic to add the address to my tip jar,” Wong revealed in a private message to Decrypt.  “I tinker around the internals of the Twitter app.”

Jane Wong’s Twitter Page.

Wong is famous for having tinkered with Twitter and other apps, revealing previously undisclosed and unreleased functionalities. For example, she uncovered Instagram’s experiment in hiding the likes on other users’ posts weeks before its announcement. She also discovered a “stories for playlists” feature on Spotify months in advance, which began public testing over five months later.

Interestingly, it confirmed one other user to have unlocked the feature before Wong. Someone else activated Ethereum tips on his account in early September, weeks before Bitcoin tips launched.

Branching Out Without Dorsey?

The timing of Wong’s reveal has led to some speculation that Twitter may move further into other cryptocurrencies after Jack Dorsey’s resignation.

Dorsey’s interest in cryptocurrency has always been firmly towards Bitcoin. At Square, Dorsey has confirmed that he has no interest in working on altcoins. He only intends to make Bitcoin “the native currency of the internet”.

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However, Twitter is taking a different approach. Weeks ago, the company created a team dedicated to exploring decentralized apps, venturing into NFTs and decentralized social media. Many associate such apps with the Ethereum network.

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