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Hami Network – The Next Level Launchpad for Investors and Project Owners

Hami Network, an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform, revealed its new investor-friendly launchpad helping projects gain more traction from their first day in the cryptosphere.

Additionally, the project started the Seeding Round A for its HAMI token on August 19, ending on September 8. Investors can board the initiative or join the Seeding Round B on PinkSale from September 1 to September 14.

This short Hami Network review looks closely at the project’s new launchpad and features. Read on to learn more about its tokenomics and roadmap!

What is the Hami Network?

The HAMI (Hybrid Autonomous Monetary Infrastructure) Network is a blockchain-based platform providing various services, including a crypto payment solution, a marketplace, and a decentralized exchange. Its goal is to make cryptocurrency investments more accessible and lucrative for everyone.

The project employs user-friendly mechanisms and low transaction fees to attract a larger community of investors. Furthermore, it focuses on constantly improving user experience to give beginner investors a smoother initiation into the crypto world.

The HAMI token fuels the growing ecosystem of HAMI products and services. Holders can use it for quick transfers and payments, with 50% of the transaction fees going back into the ecosystem. Meanwhile, the other half should go towards the project’s liquidity pool.

The New Launchpad from Hami Network

The most recent service from Hami is an investor-friendly launchpad. New crypto initiatives can use its Spotlight feature to categorize project and classify it as Legit projects.

Additionally, the Launchpad enables project owners to create a unique profile for their tokens through its proprietary Token Profiling System. People can see the token’s posts, presale, and locks details.

Another promising feature of the Hami Launchpad is Share and Earn. Project owners can earn BNB as a reward through it and by using the referral link the platform generates for them. The Hami team estimates project owners can earn between 0.03 BNB and 50 BNB daily.

Investors can use the Hami Launchpad to discover new projects and the latest developments of new tokens. Moreover, they can verify the project owners’ KYC credentials or learn more about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Security Token Offerings (STOs).

As a project owner, you can create your token and launch it through the Hami Network. Alternatively, the Launchpad allows you to import an existing token into the system if you have previously developed it on another platform.

The Hami Launchpad makes token launches easy for new project owners. However, it also helps experienced developers to launch their projects. For instance, the platform allows you to lock up your LP tokens, advertise your project to the community, shill it on social media, and list it on industry-leading crypto exchanges.

Other Hami Network Features

The Hami Network aims to develop into an all-encompassing ecosystem providing every crypto service in demand. For example, the recently-released launchpad is just one of the network’s services for developers, investors, and project owners.

Another such product is the Hami Wallet, a secure and efficient method for storing, transferring, buying, and selling cryptocurrencies.

Hami Pay is the network’s proposal for a payment gateway enabling businesses to accept crypto as payment. Meanwhile, Hami Swap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) operating on the BNB Chain.

The Hami NFT Marketplace will allow artists worldwide to showcase their creations and profit from advanced exposure and sales.

Lastly, Hami Network uses advanced blockchain technology to build and improve a secure crypto environment for investors. The team is looking to build on its growing success and add more products and services in the future.

The HAMI Token

HAMI is a BEP-20 token running on the BNB Chain and fueling the entire Hami ecosystem. Its initial goal is to help users transfer money and make payments. This way, the network will benefit from increased traffic generating more growth for the ecosystem.

The team has set a total supply of 120 million HAMI tokens, which it distributed as follows:

  • Seed -20% (24,000,000)
  • Pre-Sale – 30% (36,000,000)
  • Reserve – 7.5% (9,000,000)
  • Treasury – 7.5% (9,000,000)
  • Team – 10% (12,000,000)
  • CEX – 20% (24,000,000)
  • Rewards/Airdrops – 5% (6,000,000)

Soon, token holders will be able to store HAMI in their Hami wallets, supporting over 100 of the industry’s top cryptocurrencies.


The Hami Network team launched the project in Q1 of 2022 after agreeing on angel investor funding. In Q2, they minted the entire supply of HAMI tokens and launched the beta and 1st versions of the Launchpad.

The team released the Hami DEX and the Hami NFT Marketplace beta version in July. For the remaining months of 2022, the project plans to achieve the following goals:

  • Seeding Round A for Hami Token (BEP20) August 19 to September 8
  • Presale Round for Hami Token (BEP20) September 1 to September 14
  • Release the Hami Wallet
  • Launch Hami Pay
  • Announce the upcoming date for the genesis block of the Hami Network (probably on November 30)

The Bottom Line

The Hami Network is an ambitious project aiming to provide investors with easy and affordable access to the crypto space. The team’s motto is a direct CTA towards new and experienced investors – “The global crypto adoption starts with you!”

The recent Hami Launchpad should increase awareness of the project’s plans and development. Furthermore, it should help it attract new crypto initiatives looking to launch successfully into the cryptosphere.

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We will follow Hami Network’s evolution closely and report on its progress. Meanwhile, please follow the links for more information about the project: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Facebook| Instagram| LinkedIn.

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