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Hansen Launches Web3 Messaging App to Rival Discord

Web3 analytics firm Nansen released a targeted rival app to Discord on Wednesday. The new product, Nansen Connect, a messaging app, was created to serve web3 communities’ communication needs. It will be accessible to wallet holders and will use Nansen’s existing information database to enhance user experience for a predominantly crypto audience. 

The blockchain analytics company Nansen Limited made the announcement in a blog post earlier today. It stated that Connect would leverage wallet-labels, a Nansen initiative for identifying blockchain addresses, to contextualize communication for its users. 

Wallet holders can log in to the messaging app by connecting their wallets and creating usernames based on related labels. Additionally, members can form or join groups predicated on their crypto holdings and transactional history.

Measures to Prevent Scams

Nansen Connect app allows users to send end-to-end encrypted DMs, and join and create groups related to their holdings. Moreover, wallet holders can monitor transactional history and holding information about other users in real-time using PFP. In other words, while you’re chatting with a fellow wallet holder of Nansen Connect, you can view their current net worth and crypto behavior.

This helps community members monitor NFTs projects’ funds and collections. Nansen also hopes these measures can mitigate scams as users can easily detect if a developer begins to act suspiciously. 

Hansen Connect Arrives Amid Discord Distrust

The blockchain analytics firm’s new product will serve as users’ alternative to Discord. This launch is a move the web3 community seems to be clamoring for, especially following multiple phishing scams on the Discord app. 

Of late, the number of hacks on the web3 social app resulting in wallet holders losing valuable NFTs has escalated. Popular NFT collection Bored Apes Yacht Club has suffered double attacks within the last nine weeks. In a tweet earlier this month Gordon Goner, the pseudonymous founder of BAYC accused Discord of not supporting web3 projects’ security. This was after malicious actors exploited the NFT project’s Discord server, carting away 200 ETH worth of NFTs. Goner raised a call for an alternative that would put security first.

Nansen calls its new product a crypto-native messaging app “for web3 communities”, perhaps a response to Goner’s outcry. Connect preempts the use of plug-in reliant web2 platforms, which makes web3 communications vulnerable to phishing and other scams.

Launch Open to Select Few, for Now

Hansen Connect’s maiden launch is open to a select group of Nansen-labeled NFT ecosystems, say Smart Money, Millionaire Club, Medium Pro, Medium Dex Trader, Blue Chip holder,  and a few others. Subsequently, more channels would receive access to the app. 

Nansen subscribers and holders of certain NFT collections like Bored Apes and Moonbirds. Other collections that have channel access at launch are Azuki, Weirdo Ghost Gang, Doodles, CyberKongz, Kajiu Kings, Pudgy Penguins, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, CloneX, and many more.

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In the future, the web3 communication app plans to integrate more communities, easily create new groups and enable inter-user OTC trading.

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